May 22, 2022

Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue-7 steps to correct ps5 blue light

Topic: Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue-7 steps to correct ps5 blue light

If you are looking answer to the question, Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue? Then you are correct; we will cover why your ps5 keeps blinking blue and seven methods to correct the blue light of death.

Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue

Introduction of Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue

When you power on your PS5, the lights atop the console will typically glow blue, then white once the system has started. However, If the PS5 continues to flash blue and does not change to white as it should, it is frozen.

The PS logo will probably remain on your TV for seconds before disappearing to reveal a black screen. This blue blinking light could be caused by hardware or software.

Let us see how we can troubleshoot this problem. When this occurs, follow the troubleshooting actions discussed in this article of Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue to eliminate the blinking blue light if it is a software issue. 

Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue?

1. Try a Power Cycle on the PS5 

Press the power button down till you hear two beeps. The system has shut down. Now unplug all the cables which are connected to the PS5.

Press and hold down the power button for around 20 seconds to discharge any static that has been built up. Now reconnect all the plugs and restart your console.

If the problem is gone, that is good; in case the same problem persists, move on to the other troubleshooting steps. 

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2. Through the safe mode, update the System Software. 

Here is how we enter the “safe mode” of PS5. Hold down the Power button until you hear a beep for the second time, then release it. When the prompt appears, attach a controller to the console using a USB cable and use it by pressing the PS Button.

Then you’ll see a menu with a few options. You may have to attempt them all eventually but begin with the opportunity “Update the System Software.”

Choose this, then search for and download and install the most recent PS5 update using your net connection. Restart the PS5. If the problem has not been fixed, we will go to the next fix, and if it has been set, all is good. 

3. Clear the Cache 

Reboot into Safe Mode, attach your controller, and select the Clear Cache and Rebuild Database option. Choose “Clear System Software Cache” from the resulting menu. Cache files are temporary chunks of data that the system utilizes to load regularly used items fast.

When you clear the cache, these files are deleted, which might allow your console to pack some items more slowly initially. This step should correct any damaged cache files causing your PS5 to freeze at boot and show those blinking blue lights.

Check if the problem is gone. If it persists, we will move on to the next troubleshooting step. 

4. Rebuild your database 

Boot into “safe mode,” then return to the Clear Cache and Rebuild Database option. Select the “Rebuild Database” option. This tool reorganizes your storage drive’s data so that the console can access it more effectively. This will not remove any stored data or games 

but will restore your main screen design to its default, requiring you to start all the games from your games library. Following this procedure, your PS5 will check for updates for titles of games you haven’t played in a while. 

5. Change the output of the video

Changing your PS5’s visual output will be the last process you can use without losing the data stored in the machine. Return to Safe Mode and select “Change Video Output.”

Change Resolution and Change HDCP Mode are the two choices available here. HDCP is a method of preventing piracy. Try setting the opposite configuration from what is now chosen in that menu (most probably, you will select HDCP 1.4 Only), then reboot your PS5.

Suppose this does not have an impact, select Change Resolution. Try that if it isn’t already on Automatic. Otherwise, try a lesser resolution, such as 720p, and see if it works. 

6. Reinstall Console Software/reset the system 

If none of those mentioned above fixes work, reinstall the PS5 software. From the safe boot menu, use the controller’s buttons to select the “Reset PS5” choice. Let the console reinstall the software.

After that, restart your Play Station 5 and ensure that you no longer see the blinking blue light. Back up your data before performing this step. Important data.

This step should get rid of the blinking blue light problem. If this step also does not work with the others, call the Sony Playstation 5 customer care department. They can be of help with this problem. If your system is within the warranty period, you might get a replacement, too, if this blinking occurs due to a hardware issue.

Conclusion of Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue-7 steps to correct ps5 blue light

We hope this post on Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue was helpful in resolving the blue light on your console that won’t turn on. The preceding troubleshooting techniques helped consumers get their console operating again in the majority of cases.

If the problem persists, consider contacting Play Station 5 customer service and having your console replaced.With this we have concluded our topic Why does my ps5 keep blinking blue-7 steps to correct ps5 blue light

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