December 30, 2021

Where to locate Treasure Hoarders-Find Genshin Impact Treasure Hoarders

Topic: Where to locate Treasure Hoarders-Find Genshin impact treasure hoarders

Where to locate Treasure Hoarders-Find Genshin impact treasure hoarders 
Where to locate Treasure Hoarders-Find Genshin impact treasure hoarders

In the game Genshin Impact, to level up your characters, we need experience materials.

However, when our reach is up to certain level thresholds, for example, level 21, you will need items in the Genshin world to ascend or reach those characters.

Here, we have the detailed process of how to find the Treasure Hoarder Insignia or symbols. 

There is only one source from where the treasure hoarder insignia will come.

They are the “Treasure Hoarders”. If it happens to be that you are in the early stages of Genshin Impact, you will most probably not have those items, simply because of the very fact that you have 

not, in all likeliness, fought any Treasure Hoarders yet as of now. Now, treasure hunters are a human 

group, unlike the host of monsters you have fought till now.

When you beat the treasure holders in battle, there is a chance they will drop the treasure hoarder Insignia before teleporting away. 

There won’t be many Treasure Hoarders to fight in the Monstadt nation.

Alternatively, you’ll have to wait until you reach the Liyue nation and have a chance to explore, which should take 

5-10 hours, give or take. Treasure Hoarders are abundant in Liyue, so you should have no trouble having your pockets full with Treasure Hoarder Insignias once you arrive. 

In order to ascend certain personalities in Genshin Impact, players must frequently fight a band of robbers known as the Treasure Hoarders in order to obtain a specific ascension material. 

Fighting Treasure Hoarders is just one of the many ways to advance in Genshin Impact.

Treasure holders traits 

Treasure Hoarders are a type of bandit that can be found in a variety of locations throughout Teyvat, particularly in ruins. Renowned for their Ravenwing theme, each member has their own 

choice to join the criminal organization, but it is usually attributed to illegal activities or a lack of consistent income. However, not all members get along, as some are more despised 

than the rest. Most members wear a face mask to conceal their identities from law enforcement. The few that do not are usually of high significance or are used to lure unsuspecting victims into their traps. 

Common Enemies 

According to Jilliana, Treasure Hoarders end up burning the money they acquire speedily, culminating in a vicious spiral of wealth and poverty from which most participants are unable 

To escape. You will find those treasure holders are mostly in Liyue and Inazuma as the common enemy to all, but there is a small section of them in and around Dragonspine too. 

Who exactly are the Treasure Hoarders 

The Hoarders of treasure are a common enemy in the game Genshin Impact. Nonetheless, they throw the Treasure Hoarder Insignias, which are a must have for character and weapon enlightenment as well as talent straightening. All of which are required to advance in the game. 

During your travels, you will come across various types of Treasure Hoarders. Close combat, tanky, shovel, and other types are available. Unless your World Level is significantly higher 

than your character progression, you should have no trouble vanquishing them.

When they die, the treasure hoarder might drop the following things :- 

Treasure Hoarder Insignia 

Silver Raven Insignia (Level 40+) 

Golden Raven Insignia (Level 60+) 

If you don’t get any drops, you can make the higher-class Insignias on the Alchemy table. The crafting ratio is 3:1, so you’ll need three Silver Insignias to make one Golden Insignia. 

The simplest method for locating treasure hoarders 

Treasure Hoarders are mostly found in Liyue, so if you start the story in Mondstadt, you won’t see many of them. 

There are several ways to locate the Treasure Hoarders, but the Adventurers Handbook is the best and most underutilized. Many adventurers forget about it after finishing all of the 

chapters and collecting all of the rewards. The Adventurers Handbook, on the other hand, contains all of the information about the Domains, Demons, Commissions, and Prizes. 

After opening your handbook, navigate to the “Enemies” tab and scroll all the way down to the bottom. The Treasure Hoarders are always at the bottom of the list. Click navigate and it

will show the location of the Treasure Hoarder group on your map. As soon as you clear the group, the map will automatically take you to a new location. 

Other methods for tracking down treasure hoarders 

Adventurers can also find Treasure Hoarders by using interactive maps. Or simply recalling the locations by heart. Treasure Hoarders’ featured locations are: 

Between Mt. Tianheng and Lingju Pass in Liyue 

IN Liyue, South of Mt. Tianheng 

In Liyue, East of Luhua Pool. 

Farming Ley Line Blossoms is another option. Blossoms have a lot of diverse enemies, including Treasure Hoarders, who will surely spawn regardless of where the Blossom is. So, if you’re looking for Mora or Character EXP, this could be a good way to get some extra Insignias. 

Some other Treasure hoarder locations 

There is a list of places where you might find the treasure holders

1. The ruins of Guili Plains 

The ruins in the Guili Plains are the first place you’ll find treasure hoarders. Several groups of treasure hunters can be found hovering around the premises. 

  1. The ruins of the Tianqiui Valley 

The ruins to the west of Tianqiu Valley are the second location where you’ll find treasure hoarders. There are a few groups of treasure hunters scattered around the three buildings, each of which contains a puzzle. 

  1. Near the Mount Tianghen 

A treasure hoarder camp with six treasure hoarders can be found a bit to the west of Mt. Tianheng. If you walk south from there, you’ll come across five more treasure hoarders

4. Southern Lisha

The southernmost region of Lisha, at the very bottom of the Liyue map, is a treasure hunter’s paradise. Walk south from the teleport waypoint to find a treasure hoarder camp with enough them for you to farm. Aside from these places, you can also use your Adventurer’s Handbook’s navigate function to find a group of treasure hoarders you haven’t yet defeated. 

Conclusion of Where to locate Treasure Hoarders-Find Genshin impact treasure hoarders 

We have gone through the details of how can you get hold of the treasure hoarders and get their insignias from them. We have discussed the locations in details. We hope that playing Genshin Impact will be much simpler to you after reading this entire article. Till we meet again with a new gaming topic, happy gaming to all!Concluded our topic Where to locate Treasure Hoarders-Find Genshin impact treasure hoarders 

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