September 14, 2021

What To Gift On Diwali to your Family Member 2021

TOPIC: What To Gift On Diwali to your Family Member 2021

In this article, we have listed gifts that you can gift in Diwali to your loved ones

Every year in India, Diwali is celebrated with considerable grandeur.

It’s called the Light Festival. The main features of this lively celebration are

Diyas, firecrackers, and Lakshmi Pujan, exchange of donations. During Diwali,

people exchange as a gesture of concern sweets, dried fruits, or other gifts.

According to Hindu beliefs, it is a celebration of unification and prosperity.

This is the time of year again when it is necessary to think about the Diwali presents.

You will bring your A-Game to this year’s presentation with these ten options.

See our festive, classic, modern, and dazzling presents. These Diwali 2021 presents

are fantastic options for families, relatives, friends, and even business gifts.

Sohibe Handmade Hand Emboss Painted Hanging Fish



Decorative wall hanging decorative items For the room wall décor Decorative items

Hanging for the hanging of fish created by hand and hand-painted door Latkan Toran for Pooja place (Length 24 inches). 

About this Diwali Gift Sohibe Handmade Hand Emboss

  • Material: Wood, Color: Multicoloured, Handmade in India by artisans
  • Length Size – 24 Inches And Width 4.5 Inches.
  • Ideal to be used in your garden, terrace, balcony, home, or in a kids’ room, also acts as a decorative hanging
  • The paint used is eco-friendly, weatherproof, and water-resistant
  • Hanging Fish Handmade and Hand-Painted Main Door Latkan Toran For Pooja Garden Decorative Wall Hanging Balcony Decoration Hanging Decorative Items For Room Wall Décor Decorative for Home (Length-24 inch)
  • This product has been made by hand and may have a slight color or design variations that are natural outcomes of human involvement in the process



Collectible India Akhand Diya Diyas Decorative Brass Crystal Oil Lamp

About this Diwali gift Akhand Diya Diyas Decorative

  • Decorative Akhand Diya / Oil Lamp Made of Brass & Crystals | Home Decor Ideal Gift
  • Size : 11 cm Height, Diameter – 8.89 cms | Material : Brass & Glass | Weight : 0.25 Kgs.
  • Does not get hot even after long hours of repeated burning. Has increased clarity and emits brighter light due to high quality of glass Unlike regular glass, will not crack even after repeated usage
  • Care Instructions: Wet the Diya with water ,sour with pitambari powder for extra shine, wash well under running water, wipe clean with dry cloth, do not use steel wool or wire mesh for cleaning, always clean glass with a sponge and liquid soap
  • Uses / Occasion:- For Puja , Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, Clients, Family and Friends, Diwali Pooja, Home decor, temple, birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift, engagement gift, baby shower gift, hindu god gift, diwali gift, teachers gift, thank you gift, home decor, house warming, business gift, mother’s day, father’s day, new year, retirement, wedding.

A classic oil lamp as Diya is the handmade crystal Akhand Diya Lamp.

Since antiquity, the diya is an oil lamp that burns Indian vegetable oil and ghee butter

as a decorative and light source. After you fill the lamp, you enter it

and ignite it to flood the room with light. You may also use them in

the living room or bedroom as decoration in your house or put

them on a dining table instead of candles. The lights are utilized as a part of festivals. 


NINE10 German Silver-Plated Coins for Diwali Items

About this Diwali gift Silver-Plated Coins

  • Silver Coin of Laxmi Ganesha (German Silver Plated)
  • Silver Coin Best Diwali Gift under 499 , 999 for corporate, friends, family, relatives, staff, customer, clients
  • Material: German silver Plated, Plating : 999 Silver, Purity : 0%
  • Best Diwali Gifts for Family and Friends
  • NINE10 Silver coin 10 gram are best option for Diwali Gift Sets for Gifting it to Family and Friends. It comes in Exclusive velvet gift box. These coins are made of German silver with 999 silver plating. These coins looks like 999 silver coin. No one can guess whether they are real 999 silver coin or silver plated.

NINE10 10 gram silver coin is the ideal choice for Diwali gift sets for families and friends.

It is available in Exclusive sunglasses. The coins are composed of German silver and include 999 silver plates.

These are like 999 silver coins. No one can predict if it is a genuine 999 silver or silver coin.


Swastik Decor Colorful Lotus Shape


About Swastik Decor Colorful Lotus Shape

  • This diya can been used for Religious Puja and decoration for home temple , it is look nice and create a Magical Spiritual Environment.
  • A Diya placed in temples and used to bless worshipers is referred to as an aarti. We bet you can’t think of a better than this beautifully crafted Diya
  • Care Instructions: Wet the Diya with water ,sour for extra shine
  • Material- Brass
  • Beautiful Lotus Handcrafted Diya for Diwali Decoration
  • Add to your pooja room decor with this handcrafted arts piece It will give an elegant look to your home temple puja room decor
  • Traditional design this type of oil lamp is used for diwali, spiritual lucky gift, wedding, diwali, thanksgiving gift, birthday gifts



Add this handcrafted item to your interior decoration.

It gives your house temple a sleek touch to puja space


MDF Wooden Serving Tray for Home Office Table Décor


Ideal house warmth donation option, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Holiday, Mother’s Day, Diwali, and other opportunities.

About this Diwali gift MDF Wooden Serving Tray for Home Office Table Décor

  • Product Specifications: Product Code: 461577, Product Name: Bowl & Tray Set, Color: Multi color, Material: Wooden
  • Product Dimension (In Inch): (10 X 7 X 1.5 Inch), Product Weight (In Kg): 0.3
  • Usage: Best Decorative showpiece for Home, Office, Indoor, Outdoor, Festive decor.
  • Gifting Option: Ideal Gifting option for House warming, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Holiday, Wedding Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, and other Occasions
  • Care Instructions: Never use any harsh chemicals or never rub it with any rough surface, Wipe it with a clean piece of dry Cloth.

Aadit Creation Hanging Moroccan Lanterns

About this Aadit Creation Hanging Moroccan Lanterns gift on Diwali

  • Material: Iron
  • Be careful this item is fulfilled by Aadit Creation, no seller has the right to sell under this listing, You will receive the same product if you will order to Aadit Creation. Moroccan Lantern with colored glasses.
  • Decorative Candle Lanterns with glasses set in a wrought-iron frame with a unique work of art.
  • Metal ring on top for hanging can also be used as a standing lantern. Suitable for hanging or use as a freestanding lamp. Great for weddings, parties.
  • It can be used at times of romantic Candlelight Dinners. Idea item for gifting on all occasions.

Also available as a standing lantern might be a metal ring on top

for hanging. Suitable as a stand-alone lamp for hanging or using.

Great for marriages, fiestas.

It may be utilized for romantic dinners at Candle Light. 


Brass Diya for Puja


About this DIWALI GIFT item Brass Diya for Puja

  • Brass Diya for Puja Small Size Akhand Jyot Diya for Pooja || Heavy Base Aarti Diya || Deepak for Puja Diwali Gift Item, Home Temple Decor, Temple Diya
  • Best for – Diwali Gift Item, Home Temple Decor
  • This Diya can be used for Religious Puja and decoration for home temple
  • That is use and utility items & an ideals gift it to your dear once to pass on your best wishes, that is an ideal gift for have waring anniversaries, birthday, wedding gifts, return gifts, corporation gifts, religious-gifts & indian festivals

This Diya is suitable for Diwali gift Religious Puja and home temple decorations.

That is a good use, a utility, and the ideals for passing on your loving wishes,

an ideal present for warning birthdays, wedding donations, presents from returns,

corporate contributions, religious gifts, Indian festivals.


J.R. Handicraft World German Silver Floral Bowl with Box –


About this item German Silver Floral Bowl

  • Our unique tray and bowl set comes in a stylish box that makes it a great choice for Birthdays, Anniversary, Business
  • These items have an antique elegant design that gives addition to your home decor or can be used for the decoration of Restaurants
  • It comes with an attractive fancy red / blue velvet gift box
  • Suitable for gifting on Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday Gift, Corporate or Any other festive occasions
  • J.R. Handicraft World is 100% assured. Product durability and quality is our priority

These products feature an attractive vintage style that provides home décor

or maybe used for restaurant decorating

The beautiful red/ blue sunflower gift box is provided. Suitable for

wedding gifts, birthday presents, company gifts, or other holidays.


Racer Shop Brass Diya Lotus Design


About this product

  • This product is used for lighting lamp using the cotton wicks.
  • Diyas are made in India using the Premium Brass Material and Lotus shape using premium colors.
  • Each Diya is 3 Inches Wide and 1.5 Inches Height | Weight: 20g
  • This lamps can be used to Gift your Loved ones as Diwali Gift,Thanksgiving Gift, Birthday Gift, Wedding Gift, Spiritual Gift,Rakhi gift, Rakshabandhan Gift.It comes in a premium looking black box
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean with dry cloth, do not use steel wool or wire mesh for cleaning.

This substance is used with cotton wicks to illuminate lamps.

Diyas are manufactured in India by Premium Brass and Lotus form in premium colors.

BFCF ”King Queen” Printed Full Black Coffee and Tea Ceramic Mug

About this item

  • ✅Material Ceramic
  • ✅Item Weight 0.35 Kilograms
  • ✅This mug is made up of fine quality ceramic material which is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • ✅Black glossy finish
  • Coffee mug made without any chemical process, reusable and washable also it is microwave safe

The beaker is constructed of ceramic material of an excellent quality

that is safe for microwave and dishwasher

Conclusion of  What To Gift On Diwali to your Family Member 2021

Diwali is a lights festival, not a pocketbook draining.

There is a lot of spending, but nothing that cannot be handled

with thoughtful financial planning. Plan things in advance, save early, seek bargains

and discounts and shop intelligently. There is no purpose in providing presents

that ripple around your social circle but allow you to break apart and limit.

CONCLUDED OUR topic What To Gift On Diwali to your Family Member 2021


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