November 14, 2021

Top 5 Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction USA UK

Top 5 Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction USA UK

TOPIC – Top 5 Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction USA UK

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common complaint among males that causes them not to get or keep an erection.

When people have ED symptoms, they often turn to medicines like Viagra right away but rarely investigate what is causing their ED in the very first place.

Although erectile dysfunction can affect males of any age after puberty, it is most frequent in adults over the age of 40, and the chances of developing it grow with each decade.

Five most common reasons for erectile dysfunction

1.Age Factor


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Erectile dysfunction, like many other health problems, becomes increasingly common as you get old. While between 5% to 12% of men have some type of ED by the age of 40, this rate rises with each decade of life. In today’s world, more than half of men over 70 suffer from ED symptoms.

2.Obesity with a sedentary lifestyle


You are likely to be aware that being overweight is harmful to your health. Did you also know, however, that being overweight encourages your body to convert testosterone to estrogen?

This is one of the factors why scientists believe obesity and a sedentary lifestyle might cause erectile dysfunction.

Thankfully, this is a treatable issue. You can reduce weight and begin to work out more in the correct way.

Your erections will most likely improve and last longer as a result of what you’re doing. However, before beginning any diet or fitness program, always consult with your healthcare physician.


Diabetes is a complex condition to bear for several reasons, and erectile dysfunction is one of the medical issues that many diabetic men face. The longer you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, the more likely you will develop ED.

The good news is that how well you control your blood sugar levels directly impacts your chances of developing ED.

Only between 2% to 12% of all 40-year-old males have ED, but if you only look at those with high blood sugar, that number climbs to 50%.

Although erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes isn’t always totally reversible, you can make it a lot better or less likely to occur by following your doctor’s blood sugar control recommendations.


Tobacco usage, mainly smoking, has been linked to various health issues, along with sexual dysfunction. Tobacco smoking reduces blood circulation across the entire body.

This includes a man’s penile blood vessels. With time, it becomes more difficult to develop and sustain an erection if the blood flow is reduced there.

This is, luckily, reversible. If you quit smoking, you’ll notice a difference in your erections.


Smoking cessation can be difficult, but it’s not too late to try.

5)Mental Health

In erectile dysfunction, your brain plays a crucial part in achieving and maintaining an erection. If you’re stressed or have a mental health issue, your brain may have difficulties forming neural connections and releasing the hormones that cause an erection.

Anxiety, worry, marital problems, sorrow, watching too much pornography, and even performance anxiety in the bedroom are all examples of stress. With the proper support or treatment, these are tolerable and potentially reversible.

Conclusion of Top 5 Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction USA UK:

While these are the most prevalent causes of ED, some men may get ED for other reasons. Know that there are various treatment alternatives available, including well-known medications like Viagra.

For most people, the most challenging element is initiating a discussion with their doctor. You can find a regimen that works for you and helps you reclaim that piece of your life by working with a healthcare specialist. Everything has a solution. You just need to find it.Concluded our topic Top 5 Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction USA UK

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