February 24, 2022

Top 5 antivirus for windows 11-Top rated antivirus for windows 11

Topic : Top 5 antivirus for windows 11Top rated antivirus for windows 11

The Internet has now become an indispensable part of our daily lives. All of our technological devices rely heavily on the Internet. And, to be sure, we visit thousands of websites. A few of those are legitimate, while most are infected with malware, viruses, or adware. These viruses infiltrate a user’s computer through an infected website, app, or software and trick the user into paying money for their data. This is just one of the most recent cyber threats that are reasonably common. So, what can be done to keep away such threats to our computers? 

Predicaments and protect one’s data? Installing the best antivirus software on your Windows 11 machine is the solution. Here, we will discuss the top 5 antiviruses that we can use for windows 11

Top 5 antivirus for windows 11 are

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 
  • Norton 360 
  • Bullguard 
  • Kaspersky antivirus
  • McAfee Total Protection

Summary of Top rated antivirus for windows 11

If you are pressed for time and cannot read the full article on Top 5 antivirus for windows 11. Then Bitdefender Antivirus Plus  will be the best Top 5 antivirus for windows 11 because It defends your PC against all type of threats and its Pricing is also economical.

Buying guide-What to look before Buying Top rated antivirus for windows 11


The cost of a product or service plays an essential role in the overall process. Although the word “free” is appealing, there is no such thing as free. Most free antivirus programs provide the most basic protection, and you may need to subscribe to the premium version to gain complete security. Adware, as well as other spyware, can sometimes be found in free applications. It can sometimes be free since it gathers your data & distributes it to third-party companies.


Despite the perception that an antivirus program is bulky, an invasive application that slows down a computer, advanced techniques have overcome many performance and functionality difficulties. The performance also takes precedence above speed. As a result, we ensure your antivirus program does an adequate job and doesn’t sacrifice security for speed. It just takes one unnoticed bit of malware to put your entire system to a halt.

Multi Protection

There are several gadgets in your home that were acquired at various times. Always invest in protection and security software that protects all kinds of your devices.

Track record

Before you place your faith in your antivirus program, check sure the firm has a track record of coping with dramatically changing threat landscapes and inventing innovative methods to battle new threats. Good yet, choose a provider that keeps consumers informed about significant safety problems, provides exceptional customer service, and gives a 100% money-back safeguard.

Identify lesser-known risks

 It should also identify lesser-known risks such as menaces ingrained in USB drives, malicious downloads, and viruses and malware camouflaged inside texts & email.

Because cybercrime knows no bounds, the most critical program or software you install on your smartphone may be comprehensive security & antivirus software.With this lets move to the list of Top 5 antivirus for windows 11Top rated antivirus for windows 11

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 

Bitdefender is a force to be reckoned with in the field of best antivirus software for Windows 11, providing a plethora of valuable features as well as complete compatibility with the new Microsoft operating system.

Bitdefender’s developers prioritize user security, and the app reflects this by providing a multitude of extra features and virus protection.

This antivirus software’s password management system allows you to rest assured that all of your private credentials are stored securely and privately, with no risk of the stolen information being used against you. 

To address the issue of online transactions, Bitdefender provides enhanced security in this area, allowing you to manage any data by simply clicking your mouse a couple of times. 

A VPN and robust ransomware protection services are required for any all-around security application. Bitdefender doesn’t fall short in these areas, either, with top-tier ransomware detection and protection, as well as a VPN that can compete with some of the best standalone VPNs on the market.

Nonetheless, there are some data limitations. The phishing protection level protects your system from being attacked with this method or mode, thus protecting your user data and eliminating any risks involving fake websites and applications is where Bitdefender truly shines. 

  • Speed-Optimized, Cross-Platform Protection:
  • Safe Online Banking: A Unique, Dedicated Browser Secures Your Online Transactions
  • Advanced Threat Defense: Real-Time Data Protection,
  • No Credit Card Required: Subscription Does Not Automatically Renew
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: Your Product-Specific Code Is Printed On A Card And Shipped Inside A Protective Cardboard Sleeve.

Pros of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 

  • It gives you a great multi-layered shield against malware. 
  • Advanced Threat defense, the detection is behavior-based. 
  • It defends all threats to the network. 
  • It gives you Ransomware remediation with file backup. 

Cons of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 

  • VPN DATA is capped per day/device. 
  • Requires extra payment for full VPN access

Amazon link of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus  – 

2. Norton 360-windows 11 antivirus

Features of Norton 360 

Norton has a plethora of features and is one of the best antivirus tools for Windows 11 available. Even though it has many extra features, it also does the fundamentals 

exceptionally well, including excellent malware detection and real-time protection. It has everything you could wish for in an antivirus program. 

Norton employs artificial intelligence (AI) to detect any online threat. It protects your device from malware, spyware, Ransomware, and viruses. It also includes the Norton The safe Web tool assists you in determining which links pose a risk of harm. If you must click on the malicious links for some reason, Norton includes Isolation Mode. It aids in the removal of damage, even on risky websites. 

Norton 360 plans also bundle a Norton Secure VPN, a Virtual Private Network (VPN). No third parties will access your information or monitor your online activity if you use this tool. Norton also includes a two-way firewall, and it monitors network traffic on your computer, both sent and received. 

Norton antivirus is an excellent choice because of its high quality and wide range of features. It is not difficult to learn how to use it, and if necessary, a live chat function or a 24/7 helpline is available. It is pretty expensive, but it is well worth the money because it is very efficient and valuable. 

  • Ongoing Protection Download Instantly & Install Protection For Up To 5 Pcs, Macs, Ios Or Android Devices In Minutes!
  • Real-Time Threat Protection
  • Secure Vpn Browse Anonymously And Securely With A No-Log Vpn
  • Dark Web Monitoring Will Monitor And Notify You If We Find Your Personal Information On The Dark Web
  • 50gb Secure Pc Cloud Backup Store
  • Pre-Paid Subscription
  • Auto-Renewal Never Have A Service Disruption Since This Subscription Auto-Renews Annually

Pros of Norton 360 

  • It provides all-around protection. 
  • It hosts extra features too 
  • It has a user-friendly interface. 
  • It is not a resource hogger, and it keeps resources used to a minimum. 
  • Identity-theft protection 

Cons of Norton 360 

  • It does not include a free version 
  • It is pretty costly. 

Amazon Link of Norton 360 – 

3. BullguardTop rated antivirus for windows 11

Features of Bullguard

BullGuard is another excellent contender for the best antivirus for Windows 11, providing unique threat detection features while also protecting your system from phishing, malware, and network data collection. 

This antivirus software allows you to easily clean any malware infestation, even protecting you from new attacks. Along with those features, it prevents you from accessing fraudulent websites by displaying a message whenever it detects a problem.

Furthermore, as soon as you finish the installation process, BullGuard automatically updates all virus definition packets, ensuring that it is ready to deal with any threat, no matter how recent it is.

Aside from the modern UI and an easy-to-use installer, BullGuard employs several elements to protect you from the most dangerous threats in the online world. 

Bullguard’s multi-layered protection consists of six levels in total: 

Safe Browsing – prevents you from accessing pages that have been flagged as potentially dangerous. 

Dynamic Machine learning identifies elements that may be malicious in intent. Sentry Protection – provides a protective barrier against Zero-Day Malware on your computer.

Antivirus engine – guards your system against viruses. 

Firewall – prevents unauthorized parties from connecting. 

Vulnerability scanner – detects security flaws in your system. 

Its modern user interface looks not only lovely but also provides quick access to the entire set of features required to keep your system secure. 

To accomplish this, BullGuard keeps all relevant information bundled in the main menu so that whenever you begin a scan and check for system vulnerabilities, everything is presented in the appropriate box. 

Top 5 antivirus for windows 11-Top rated antivirus for windows 11
  • Antivirus engine – guards your system against viruses. 
  • Firewall – prevents unauthorized parties from connecting. 
  • Vulnerability scanner – detects security flaws in your system. 

Pros of Bullguard

  • Great threat identification 
  • Great browser protection of online purchases. 
  • Back up and tune-up features

Cons of Bullguard

  • No free trial is available 

Amazon Link of Bullguard

4. Kaspersky antivirusTop rated antivirus for windows 11

Features of Kaspersky antivirus 

Kaspersky is another well-known name in the world of antivirus software. Kaspersky antivirus not only protects you from the latest viruses, phishing, and Ransomware, but it also protects you from crypto mining infection. It almost instantly deletes the infected file and also assists you in recovering any files that were infected by the attack that may be important to you. 

There is a bundled VPN service, which is limited to 200MB per day. Kaspersky antivirus cost starts at $29.99, and there are other packages available as well. It is a straightforward antivirus. However, because it lacks many features, this could be a disadvantage. Though it lacks quite a few features, it could make up for it with the great features it brings with it. 

Top 5 antivirus for windows 11-Top rated antivirus for windows 11
  • Protects Multiple Devices: Stay Safe At Home And On The Go With A Single License For Your Pcs, Macs, And Android And Ios Devices.
  • Fights Every Threat: Stop Worrying About Viruses, Phishing, Ransomware And Tomorrow’s Most Advanced Cyberattacks.
  • Stops Online Theft
  • Protects Your Privacy: Block Webcam Spying, Stop Browser Tracking And Use Easy Vpn Encryption
  • Safeguards Your Identity: Stop Phishing, Identify Dangerous Files And Websites

Pros of Kaspersky antivirus 

  • Provides Excellent malware protection 
  • Great independent organization test scores 
  • It has a very easy User-friendly interface 
  • Includes 24/7 customer support options 
  • Has a basic free version 
  • It has got great independent test scores.

Cons of Kaspersky antivirus 

  • Lower brand trust comparatively 

Amazon Link of Kaspersky antivirus  

5.McAfee Total Protection-Top 5 antivirus for windows 11

Features of McAfee Total Protection 

McAfee Total Protection was sure to make a list. It is frequently regarded as one of the best antivirus software by users and by experts. This is since it includes useful features and is extremely simple to set up.

McAfee has a ransom guard tool that provides real-time ransomware protection that operates in the background. The antivirus ensures security with a vulnerability scanner that installs pending security patches.

Other advantages include the QuickClean option, which cleans your computer, and the shredder tool, which ensures that thieves cannot recover deleted files.

McAfee provides 24/7 live chat, a community forum, and a phone number for customer support. For more straightforward problems, there’s also a McAfee Virtual Assistant. It’s comforting to knowthat McAfee’s price is commensurate with its quality.

We believe it is well worth the investment with the included encrypted storage, VPN, and password manager. 

Top 5 antivirus for windows 11-Top rated antivirus for windows 11
  • Ward Winning Antivirus: Rest Easy Knowing Mcafee’s Protecting You From The Latest Threats
  • Protect Your Identity
  • Browse Confidently And Privately: Secure Vpn
  • See How Safe You Are Being Online: Get Your Personalized Protection Score
  • Bank, Shop And Connect Worry-Free: Be Warned About Risky Websites Before You Click
  • Secure Your Accounts: Generate And Store Complex Passwords With A Password Manager
  • Physical Key Card Delivery

Pros of McAfee Total Protection 

  • Its ransomware protection 
  • Several customer support options 
  • Encrypted storage facility 
  • It has a VPN bundled with it. 
  • It has multiple device support. 

Cons of McAfee Total Protection 

  • Confusing website and pricing plans 
  • It has no free version. 
  • No iOS version. 

Amazon link of McAfee Total Protection  – 

FAQ of Top 5 antivirus for windows 11-Top rated antivirus for windows 11

Is it good to use free antivirus for windows 11?

No,there is no such thing as free. Most free antivirus programs provide the most basic protection, and you may need to subscribe to the premium version to gain complete security.

Conclusion OF Top 5 antivirus for windows 11-Top rated antivirus for windows 11

 We have discussed the five most important antiviruses that protect our desktop or laptop. We have mentioned them in detail. I hope you liked our article as much as we enjoyed bringing it for you.Also check out our article Top 5 screen recorders for Windows 11 .We also hope that you will find our helpful article when you go to purchase an antivirus for your PC. Here we concluded our topic Top 5 antivirus for windows 11Top rated antivirus for windows 11

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