October 14, 2021

The software updates to do when you buy a prebuilt gaming pc 

TOPIC : The software updates to do when you buy a prebuilt gaming pc 


If you’ve just purchased a new pre-built gaming PC, then don’t turn it on immediately and start playing your favourite games. Do not go to the online steam site to check out the latest games they have launched etc.

You may have to check on a few software and hardware drivers.

This includes your Windows being the latest build or version, graphics card drivers which could be either NVIDIA or AMD depending on what model you purchased. It is very important and necessary to check the BIOS too.

We need to check these things and a few others to ensure that the system is stable and performs well up to its capacity whenever you use it.

Check The BIOS 

This one can be a little daunting task if you’re new to PCs, and if that’s the case, you might want to ask one of your friends who are well versed with computer systems to do it for you. a good idea is to check for any BIOS updates from the motherboard manufacturer’s website

( BIOS updates could enhance compatibility with certain types of hardware, such as the CPU and RAM.

If there is a newer version available that would add new features applicable to your setup, go ahead and install it. Otherwise, you might just want to leave it alone. 

Updating the Windows 

The updates will give additional security and stability to your new gaming PC.the web. Beyond the added security, it can also improve the functionality of devices and services.

They will also add new features to the system. Sometimes it can be a long process and can make you wait for a long time. However, it is necessary and important. At times it might be an hour-long process, depending on your ISP’s speed.

To do this job manually, you need to go to the system, select SETTINGS. After that click on Updates and Security and then click on the “Check for updates” button. A reboot or several reboots might be needed. Wait and follow the computer’s instructions. 

Install The Latest Drivers 

Windows is quite good in recognizing several different types of hardware, but specialized drivers by the hardware but to get the best out of your drivers you have to go to the manufacturer’s website and update the latest drivers from there.

This will greatly enhance and boost the performance of the system and will also unlock features from the drivers which Windows will not be recognized by windows if it tries to install those drivers. can enhance performance and unlock many features that might otherwise be laying as it is. 

Install the graphic drivers and the chipset drivers

The above policy holds good for your motherboard too., specifically your graphics card. Get the latest chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer’s site.

Ensure that you install the latest GPU drivers from AMD or Nvidia, whichever you might own. Both AMD and Nvidia are good about releasing the latest drivers for the new games. 


You already have Windows Security Defender installed when you buy the PC. However, they are not the best and nor are extremely reliable to fight off all the malware and viruses.

You can always go for Norton..McAfee, Bitdefender, Comodo, Avast etc. You need to shell out money for these options. It’s really not necessary to pay for protection, in case you don’t wish to.

You have AVG, Bitdefender’s free versions. They are very good but they don’t have all the built-in options, like the firewall, malware protection, etc. 

Decrappify your PC

The hardware manufacturers load a lot of programs that run on top of your pc. Don’t worry, these are not viruses or spyware. They are programs like advertisements that want you to buy the complete version. 

These products Crapware or Bloatware, as they are also called, tend to make the computer slow with time and also endangers the security of the PC.

You can go to the control panel and start removing these programs and utilities one by one. Just be a bit careful because there are important programs in there which are necessary for the computer.

You can also use the program known as DE CRAPPIFIER. This removes most of the crapware from your computer automatically 

Change your Browser 

Your windows gaming PC will come with a pre-loaded browser like the Edge. Edge is good but lags considerably behind Chrome, Opera, and even firefox. You can go for any of these mentioned browsers. However, Chrome is the undisputed number one when it comes to the market capture issue.

Chrome has over 85% of the market share while even opera and firefox are lagging substantially behind Chrome. However, they are ahead of Microsoft edge as far the market share is concerned. If you want privacy from the others on the net, do not wish to see the thousands of websites, you can opt for The Brave. It is a fast browser and gives you complete

privacy while you are surfing or even working over the internet. It will stop the scam emails from coming to your folder too. 

Download your favourite utilities from Ninite 

Download your favourite programs and utilities from the Ninite app. If you use various assorted programs on your PC, like zoom, skype, TeamViewer or VLC, and many more.

You can go to the Ninite website and search for more. You will find all the programs out there. Just check the boxes of all the programs you want to transfer to your PC.

It will install the programs one by one to your pc. Ninite installs the latest versions which are stable and does not install any of the toolbars or rubbish programs that the application makers love to bundle with their installers. So, you see Ninite is a program that you can trust. 

Please Create a Backup Plan 

The absolute joy of a new gaming PC should not make you forget about creating a backup system. There is a proverb, prevention is always better than cure. Hard drives might crash anytime and we have to be very careful about our data. There is no particular reason why it might crash.

There are thousands of reasons. The ways to make a backup system are numerous. You can back your data on an external hard drive from time to time.

You can use the cloud storage offered by Google or other companies. Don’t panic or lose patience. Just make sure the stuff which is very important to you is regularly backed up in the external HDD on a regular or a weekly basis. 

Conclusion Of The software updates to do when you buy a prebuilt gaming pc 

We have discussed many things to do when you unbox your new gaming laptops and get them ready for usage. Follow the instructions carefully and you will be delighted to find that your Desktop lasts for a very long time if you maintain it properly.

Go through the instructions every week or every two weeks and there will be no problems with the running and functioning of your gaming laptop at all. Also, clean the laptop from time to time with a dry and soft cloth so does and dirt does not accumulate there.

That is all for now. I hope you liked reading our article. We will give our very best to supply you with the best and the latest news about gaming PCs and gaming laptops regularly. concluded our topic The software updates to do when you buy a prebuilt gaming pc 

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