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SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11 

Topic: SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can’t find new ssd

Whether it is work or some entertainment programs like games, movies, etc., SSD drive is the first choice of users because of its fast read-write speed, a much lower power combination. However, you might discover that your SSD drive is not appearing when you install it on your computer. The SSD drive does not appear in the device manager or the Disk Management. The same problem might crop up while installing windows 11. No data can be accessed when this sort of problem appears. If you are also facing these problems, end your worries. We will discuss, in this article, how to troubleshoot the issue of the SSD drives not showing up in Disk Management in Windows 11. 

Quick fixes of SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11

  • Assign a new drive letter to the SSD
  • Initialize SSD in windows 11
  • Check Disk Driver
  •  Repair SSD
  • Download Latest version of Driver
  • Change the BIOS settings on your computer
SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11 

Method 1. Assign a new drive letter to the SSD

It is possible that your SSD is not coming up because the drive letter is missing or clashing with another disc, and the Windows 11 OS unable to recognize it. You can resolve this issue by manually assigning a new drive letter to the SSD in Windows Disk Management. 

Follow these steps to assign a new drive letter to the SSD: 

With the help of administrator permissions, launch Disk Management. To do just that, tap and hold the Start tab; after that, choose Disk Management.

1. Select “manage” in “this pc”. In the hard drives’ Section, hit on “Disk Management”

2. Now, right-click on the partition of the SSD and choose “Change drive letter and paths……….”

SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can't find new ssd

3. You will come across three options. They have ADD, CHANGE, and REMOVE.

Select the “change” button and choose a drive letter from the list. Now hit on “OK” to confirm.

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Method 2. Initialize SSD in windows 11

SSD is not showing up in the disk manager because it is not Initialized. 

If you receive a new SSD, but this does not appear in Windows Explorer, it is most likely in the “uninitialized” state. Before Logical Disk Manager can access or get access to a disc, it must be initialized. 

If an old SSD displays the “disc unknown not initialized” error, the same is true. In these two cases, you can first try connecting the SSD to another working computer to see if it reports the same error. Otherwise, you’ll need to restart Windows 11 to initialize the SSD. 

The following steps should be pursued to initialize an SSD. 

  • Open the disk management on your pc. 
  • Locate and then right-click on the SSD you wish to initialize. Now tap on “initialize disk”
  • Select the disk(s) to be initialized in the Initialize Disk dialogue box. choose the GUID partition table (GPT) partition styles.

  • The SSD that was causing problems has now been initialised. Right-click it once more and select New Simple Volume.
  • In the New Simple Volume Wizard box, select the Next option.
  • Make sure the Maximum disc space matches the Simple volume size in the next window. Then select Next
  • Hit Next Again
  • Select NTFS as the File System, and then press Next.
  • Finally, press the Finish button.
  • Now reboot your pc and see if it recognises the SSD or not.

Method 3: Disk Driver issues preventing SSD from showing up. 

SSD Doesn’t Show Up Due to Disk Driver Issues 

Another probability is that the SSD has been detected but is not visible in “My Computer.” This is because the disc drive was not properly installed. So, you can try reinstalling the SSD driver. 

Step 1: Right-click “This PC” and choose “Manage.” Click “Device Manager” in the System Tools section. 

Step 2: Navigate to Disk drives. It should display a list of the storage devices connected to your PC.

Step 3: Select “Uninstall device” from the context menu when you right-click the SSD. 

Step 4: Unplug the SSD and restart your computer. Connect the SSD again to see if Windows 11 recognizes the SSD this time. 

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Method 4. Repair SSD not showing up in Windows 11

Carry out the steps given to repair SSD not showing up in Windows 11 by Disk Management.

1. Navigate to “Disk management”. 

2. Check if the volume of the SSD is RAW or whether it is free. 

3. Format the drive if at least one of the cases given above matches. 

4. Restart the PC to check if the issue is resolved. 

Method 5: Download Latest version of Driver Update of windows 11

The aforementioned issue might also be caused by out-of-date drivers. To fix it, you’ll need to download the most recent driver update. These are the measures you must take.

  • To access the Settings menu, click Windows + I.
  • Select Windows Update from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Advanced Options > Optional Updates from the drop-down menu.
  • You’ll get a description of all latest updates for your computer, notably Disk Drivers, in the next window.
  • To fix the issue, download and install the latest update.

Method 6: Change the BIOS settings if SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11

If Windows 11 fails to recognise the SSD, you can modify the SATA operating mode.

Select System Configuration from the drop-down menu.

SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can't find new ssd
  • SATA Operations should be configured to AHCI.
SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can't find new ssd
  • Quit the BIOS by clicking Apply.

If you’re still having problems, there’s a good chance it’s due to a fault with the Disk hardware. In this scenario, your only option is to get it repaired at the store where you purchased it.

FAQs of SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can’t find new ssd

If the SSD is not detected in the BIOS, how do you fix it? 

. You will hit F2 the moment you restart your computer and keep going through the prompts instructions until you come across the SATA controller mode option. 

Why is my SSD not showing?

A. The most likely reason is that you might not have initialized it under Windows Disk Management. Initialize it quickly, and follow the procedure given above in this text. 

Q. How do I fix SSD not detected in the Windows installation? 

A. You will need to reinstall the SSD driver when you install windows if the SSD is detected but not visible in “my computer.” 

Q. Is the SSD drive faster than the HDD drive? 

A. Yes, the SSD drive is much faster than the HDD drive because it is a solid-state Drive with absolutely no moving parts. 

Conclusion of SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can’t find new ssd

SSDs, like all other types of storage media, are susceptible to mechanical failure and physical damage. To protect the data on these storage drives of windows 11, you must plan ahead of time. Always make backups regularly. It is never too late to save a copy of your complex drive data to some other safe location, such as a backup drive, cloud, or network drive. We hope you liked our article and found a solution with your SSD, as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.Here we concluded our topic SSD not showing up in disk management windows 11-can’t find new SSD

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