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  • WATERPROOF FEATURE: OHO Video Recording glasses is the World First Water Protection Sunglasses, 
  • 4K ULTRA HD VIDEO RECORDING: Amazing 4K Resolution Video with Audio, and Crisp Photo, TR90
  • Flexiable Material Very Comfortable to Wear and Widely Used When Cycling, Hunting, Fishing, Police, Traveling and Living,
  • Perfect for Fast Action Shots and Recording
  • Impact Resistant for Eye and Face Protection,
  • 100% UV400 Protection Polarized Lens with FDA Drop Bell Lens for all Kinds of Outdoor Sports
  • ONE TOUCH BUTTON OPERATION: One Button Recording with Audio,Simply to Turn on,Turn off and Capture Photo.
  • Sunglases is with Vibration Alert with Audio when Recording Starts, Capturing Photos and Stops
  • VIDEO RECORDING DURING CHARGING: The Battery Recording Time is 60 Minutes for One Charge, 
  • You Can Use Power Bank to Surcharge during Video Recording,
  • the Built-in 128GB Memory Can Store around 20 Hours Video Information,
  • You Can Playback the Content on a Computer or a TV by the Included USB Cable
  • Best 4k Camera Glasses With Video Recording USA 2021


OHO 4K Ultra HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses

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Topic : Best 4k Camera Glasses With Video Recording USA 2021

Product: OHO 4K Ultra HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses


This article is all about glasses Which are best and have 4k cameras with video recording

which are available on Amazon in 2021.



Have you feared being missed (FOMO) because

you take a camera on virtually every occasion?

Was it because you had difficulties

switching your camera on that your youngster watched a target?

Or didn’t you witness your baby daughter blow the candle since

the cam recording ended and the screen was blank?

Don’t be afraid! You may now live on OHO ultra–HD camera recorder glasses

by pushing a button at any given moment.

An additional advantage of 4k Camera Glasses is that you can revisit

precisely as you recall those experiences. How? 

These hd camera sunglasses has a simple one-touch device

that photographs and films with one push of a button.

OHO 4K Ultra HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses have built-in memory .

It then incorporates first-person viewpoint videos and pictures.

You see what you’re getting in 4k Camera Glasses!

In this sense, when you are a sports fan and want to take amazing

footage of cycling, biking, surfing, skating, and much more –

this 4k Camera sunglass is your mixed blessing with several advantages available to you. 

OHO 4K Ultra HD Glasses also records all in vibration alert

while protecting your eyes from UV radiation.

You may photograph 8MP resolution-rich pictures

with HD integrated visual technology.

Then, what are you expecting? Stay calm and put on your smart glasses for video filming!


Benefits of OHO ultra–HD Water Resistance Video Sunglasses


Small Boxes With Big Stuff

The wide-angle glasses of OHO 4K Ultra HD Sunglasses are equipped

with a traveling box and suspension wires,

which may be connected to a bag pack. one pair is dark grey polarised,

with UV400, and the other pairs of clear lenses may be worn inside.

OHO 4K Ultra HD glasses have two lenses. The fast action case is also provided

with a micro-cleaning cloth for upkeep. The five-pin USB charging and data cable are here

and part of the box, and these video camera lenses are operated by battery.

In the instruction booklet are the eyewear dos and don’ts, and in addition,

there is a 1-year limited guarantee card to help you. Video quality is also superb.


The action camera is located on the bridge from right to left.

OHO 4K Ultra HD Sunglasses has a sensor that captures 1920 x 1080p HD movies at 30 frames per second.

Its technique can stabilize moving movies to minimize blurring.

Our camera glasses can even take photos of 8MP with more quality and

capture movies than other selfie cameras. You don’t think about it and

replace it with video sunglasses recording thrilling

first-person videos and photos. You don’t want to buy adieu

for your camcorder and cell phones.

To sum up, your viewers are put into your shoes to witness

what you’ve ever seen when your footages show on a screen.

In addition, you also hear what you have listened to since

the glasses include a built-in microphone that records sound

from a distance of up to 20 inches. If this intrigues you,

hands free video collection glasses have to provide additional advantages

. The rechargeable 400mAh battery charged by USB connection

is a significant advantage. Provide good quality of video and photo.


Yes! Turning to the following topic, how long it takes to charge a 4k Camera Glasses?

It just takes three hours to charge 4k Camera Glasses entirely. Up to an hour

of free handsfree video, grabbing is available today.

Now, where are these movies and pictures sitting?

It’s stored in your frames in the 16GB of storage space.

Okay, great, excellent? This pair of video recordings allow

you to multi-task as you sit down and have a spectacle and capture moments

afterward. You will get good battery life. 


How do you ask? How does that work? In 3 easy steps.

The right temple of your sunglasses contains a button.

With a single click and hold, you may activate and start recording video mode.

The same goes for disabling, pushing, and holding the button until the sensor

in the right temple disappears. All you need to do is to make the button once

if you want to click on images. Just, right? The USB cord is proper

when transferring photos and movies to different devices,

such as laptops or desktops. The connection enables immediate

storage upload. You may now Instagram this very

awesome skate video or images of your kids on an essential.


Best In The Two Worlds

The OHO ultra–HD video capture glasses are today’s

only accessory for the unisex camera on the market.

It is sophisticated and has any attraction, whether casual or formal.

Its sleek shape is slimmer than your cell phone’s.

It comes in 5 hues, including black, white, red, gold rose, titanium,

and hot grey. Its polarised lenses protect your eyes from damaging sunlight

while at the same time minimizing glare and offering optimum colour,

contrast, and clarity. Don’t think you haven’t included sunglasses

for your OHO ultra–HD spy cameras glasses recording to your buying list.

Just purchase, record, play, and play again! 

What We Like About It –

  • For outdoor and interior activities, camera lenses can be utilized.
  • The design is thus designed that there’s a camera inside no one knows.
  • USB cable is available with 4k Camera Glasses.
  • Wear and usage are lightweight.

We Haven’t Liked Things –

  • The appearance and feel on the weaker side are somewhat more deficient.

Summary OF Best 4k Camera Glasses With Video Recording USA 2021

These 4k Camera Glasses have Wi-Fi camera.

It helps improve your safety,

whatever your surveillance needs. However,

the use of the gadget is equally tricky.

OHO ultra–HD video capture glasses must be recorded

without authorization, and the possibility of a privacy breach must be considered.

Concluded our topic Best 4k Camera Glasses With Video Recording USA 2021

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Additional information

Additional information

Product Dimensions

8 x 4.2 x 3.2 inches

Item Weight

12 ounces


OhO sunshine


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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