March 23, 2022

Rune factory 5 how to get higher level seeds-improve seed quality in RF5

Topic : Rune factory 5 how to get higher level seeds-improve seed quality in RF5

If you ask anyone who plays Rune factory about the best way to earn cash in the game, they will suggest Crop harvesting for earning cash in Rune Factory 5. On the surface level, planting and caring for crops may appear simple, but some planning is required to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Ways to get higher level seeds in RF5

Rune factory 5 how to get higher level seeds

One has to time their plants to coincide with a Bountiful Harvest carefully.

When your plants are ready to harvest, you’ll have a higher yield than you might typically earn if it wasn’t a Bountiful Harvest. Another way to increase harvest is by enhancing the quality of your seeds. Raising your seed quality or the seed level ensures that shops will have the same grade of seeds in the future.

In order to improve the quality of your seeds, you must execute a request that requires you to mail a level  2Turnip. When you finish the last demand, you’ll be able to purchase higher-level seeds from merchants.

Make sure you keep an eye on your plants to ensure they stay in great condition. One can do this by caring for them daily and removing any rocks, stumps, or weeds. It would help if you also threw those weeds in the fertilizer bin. Having this well-stocked helps make sure the quality of your topsoil does not deteriorate. One can also use a Greenifier, which boosts the likelihood of higher-quality crops being produced.

When they are ready to harvest, You can reap your crops OR use your sickle once they become ready to harvest, as denoted by the yellow arrow floating above them. Trying to sell either a higher-level crop or a seed ensures that the retailers have higher-quality seeds on hand. By navigating to your menu & hovering over your crop or seed, you can verify their quality, and it will show their level in the description.

One can also save a seed and grow it again. Then, when the plant is ready to be harvested, use your sickle on it. You can go through this process as many times as you desire. We propose spending 2000G on the Magnifying Glass from the General Store.

This will give you all you need to know about the soil quality & crop level. It will be more difficult to raise a crop’s level after achieving level three. Forge a new sickle to an iron sickle or higher once you’ve achieved a level with a crop. You’ll have a greater chance of collecting higher-level seeds if you have a better sickle.

Conclusion of Rune factory 5 how to get higher level seeds-improve seed quality in RF5

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