March 14, 2022

PS5 repairing usb drive stuck-PS5 External HDD Keeps Disconnecting

Topic : PS5 repairing usb drive stuck-PS5 External HDD Keeps Disconnecting

Many PS5 owners reported that their PS5 external hard drive isn’t working correctly. However, even when people try to change the external hard drive, people still face the same issue with the new one. One of the most severe problems is that the PS5 external hard drive is constantly disconnecting and reconnecting or simply disconnecting and turning off.

Many users have complained that When they attach an external hard drive to their PS5, the PS5 system may recognize the plugged-in external hard drive. Still, it keeps disconnecting and rejoining every few seconds, or it simply goes off and won’t connect again. Sometimes the PS5 system may suggest formatting the hard disc. However, formatting the hard disc is not a great idea because it may lose all data and become even more complicated when it has sensitive data.

This is one of the most inconvenient problems you might have with PS5 external hard drives. When the initial outside hard drive compatibility update was issued, it was thought to be a PS5 system bug. However, many customers are still experiencing the same issue even after subsequent updates, even though other users could cure it with the same update patches.

You can save yourself from losing your important data if you have a recent backup of your files. What if, if you don’t keep regular backups, employing methods other than formatting is preferable for that situation. This article outlines various ways to resolve your PS5 external hard drive disconnection problem. But first, let’s figure out why this problem occurs so frequently.

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PS5 External HDD Keeps Disconnecting

Why The PS5 External HDD Keeps Disconnecting

The hard drive, the enclosure, and the USB cable are the three main components of all external hard drives. With the help of a USB port, an external HDD is connected to PS5, and all external hard drives require a USB cable to connect to a PS5 machine via a USB port. Usually, when there is a problem with the USB bridge, hard drive, USB port, or USB cable, the PS5 external hard drive will not connect. Some of the most common reasons for hard drive disconnection errors are as follows:

· When the USB cable is old or damaged, you must replace it with the new one here.

· There is a compatibility problem with the current release of PS5 system software.

· The USB cord is very long. Use a short USB cable to remedy this and double-check.

· The ID of a USB port that is damaged or unsteady. This is something that only a professional can handle. Send your machine to a store that can fix it.

· External hard drive with a corrupted file system prevents operating correctly.

· Due to a power deficit or a malfunction in the PS5 motherboard, not enough power is given to the USB port.

The most common causes of your PS5 external hard drive disconnecting are listed below. We’ll go over how to fix this problem and get your external hard drive up and running again.

How to Troubleshoot a PS5 External HDD That Keeps Disconnecting

When your PS5 external hard drive continues disconnecting, here’s practically everything you need to know. If nothing else works, you might want to get rid of the external HDD and get a new one, but fortunately, this isn’t the case.

Unplug your PS5 from all types of connections.

After switching off your PS5, Remove all connections from power & peripherals.

So, here’s what you’ll need to do:

· Remove your PS5 from the electrical outlet & switch it off.

· Remove any linked PS5 peripherals, including a headset, an external HDD, or anything else.

· wait for 5 minutes, then connect the PS5 to electricity and turn it on.

· Attach your external HDD only after your PlayStation has fully loaded. 

· Check whether the external hard drive connectivity issues are resolved or not.

If your PS5 external hard drive continues to detach from your console, repeat the instructions above, but instead of inserting your external HDD into the PS5 after turning it on, connect it in. In contrast, the PS5 is turned off and turned on with the external HDD connected.

PS5 external SSD outperforms traditional external HDD.

Let’s proceed to other options if it doesn’t solve your problem.

Examine your external hard drive on a different device.

This step will help you determine if the issue seems to be with your Playstation 5 or the external HDD. Plug your external hard drive into your Computer or any other computer that supports USB storage devices; you can also try on another ps5 if you have one.

Now check whether the hdd drive is working on the new device or not. If it does, then your ps5 has some issues. Otherwise, it’s your hdd drive that’s causing the problem.

Attach to a variety of USB ports

Sometimes, your PS5 external hard drive disconnects due to physical issues like a defective USB port or inserting the device into the incorrect USB port.

As a result, you should attempt some basic troubleshooting steps first, such as connecting devices to various USB ports. The PS5 has multiple USB ports, regardless of whether you have the digitized or disc version. So, if you have a problem, try disconnecting your external hard drive from the first connection and plugging it into a different USB port on your Playstation 5.

If there isn’t a severe issue, swapping the USB 3.0 port may be enough to remedy your problem. Otherwise, we’ll look at other options.

Replace the External Hard Disk Drive Enclosure

The USB bridge can be broken, which helps connect the external HDD to the USB cable. This is not an unusual occurrence; in fact, it occurs frequently.

By linking your external HDD to a computer or another gadget, you may see if the USB bridge on your external HDD is broken. It’s either the cable or the USB bridge if it keeps disconnecting, and it’s the USB bridge if you’ve already changed the cable. You’ll need to purchase a new external HDD enclosure to solve it.

Update the software of PS5 

Your PS5 external hard drive might not be fully compatible with the PS5 system software that is currently installed. As a result, the PS5 external hard drive detaches and acts strangely. In this instance, all you have to do now is wait for the next software upgrade in the hopes that it will resolve the problem.

Get a New External Hard Drive

When your PS5 external hard drive refuses to connect no matter what you do, this is your last option. Instead of a traditional hard drive, we strongly advise you to purchase an external SSD for your PS5. External SSDs are more robust and reliable than conventional external HDDs, with a far lower failure rate.

Conclusion of PS5 repairing usb drive stuck-PS5 External HDD Keeps Disconnecting

It suggests something is amiss with your PS5 external hard drive if it keeps disconnecting. A hardware flaw usually causes this problem, but a software problem can also cause it. Follow the offered solutions to resolve the issue, and if none of them works, you may have to replace your PS5’s external hard disc.Here we concluded our topic PS5 repairing usb drive stuck-PS5 External HDD Keeps Disconnecting

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