March 9, 2022

How to Unlock Nitro in Gran Turismo 7-How to get nitro in gt7

Topic : How to Unlock Nitro in Gran Turismo 7-How to get nitro in gt7

How to get nitro in gt7

Gran Gran Turismo 7 is all about racing. How can a racing game go on without the nitro system? the mythical Nitro System should be available later. With nitro accelerate, you can boost cars from 50 to 200 miles per hour in seconds, making it the ultimate car accessory. The best part is that cars equipped with nitro can race in most campaign assignments. Here’s how to get your hands on the storied Nitro System.

How to Unlock Nitro in Gran Turismo 7

With the help of Collector Level 7, The Extreme category in the World Map’s Tuning Shop will be unlocked. Naturally, this is where you’ll discover the hidden gem of the game’s better auto parts, such as the Nitro System, and attach them to nearly any vehicle. Because the Nitro System costs 100,000 Credits, make sure the automobile you want to use it on isn’t in your garage – or you’ll have to buy another. The system will automatically be applied to the car once it has been purchased.

How to use Nitro in Gran Turismo 7

The player with a default button layout can make nitro by pressing down on the right analogue stick during races. If you have changed the controls settings, visit the Controllers tab & select the “GT” logo in the top-left corner of the main menu to check the mapped button. You will get a new HUD display in the bottom-right corner that shows how much nitro is remaining in the tank, with the car having a nitro attachment. When this gauge is used, it will turn red and gradually shrink the more it is used. Players should not be afraid to use the nitro early in a race, as it will likely last several minutes.

Conclusion of How to Unlock Nitro in Gran Turismo 7-How to get nitro in gt7

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