November 1, 2021

How To Trim Dog Nails With Nail Clippers That Are Overgrown USA

Topic : How To Trim Dog Nails With Nail Clippers That Are Overgrown USA


Dogs have been humans’ best companions since ancient times. Dogs are always acknowledged to be faithful to their lords or ones who adore them. Nowadays, one or more dogs are one of the family members of every other household. 


Since they are a part of your family, you must take care of your dog the same way you care for yourself. Other than brushing, bathing, feeding your dog, trimming your pet dog’s nails is an integral part of its grooming and also an excellent sign to maintain your dog’s health and hygiene.


Although there are professional groomers available who carry out the tasks on behalf of the pet owners, in this article, you will get to know about the simple procedure with which you can trim your dog’s nails correctly.


Make Your Dog Comfortable


As trimming nails creates a lot of anxiety in almost every dog, so make your dog accustomed to handling their feet and trimming the nails when they are pups. Within less than one week of handling, you will list your dog among those rare ones who don’t mind while trimming the nails. 


If your puppy takes more time to get used to it, don’t lose your patience. With a gentle and positive attitude, continue to try praising and treating your dog to trim the nails. Keep in mind to use safe, dog-friendly nail clippers.


  • Day 1: As you have seen dogs sniff everything to get an idea about it, allow your puppy to sniff the nail clipper or grinder by giving them treats and praise.


  • Day 2: Don’t hurry! Remember that you are just making your pup conscious of the nail clippers. In the beginning, lightly touch the nail clippers or grinder in each paw and give them treats and praises.


  • Day 3: After the puppy is comfortable with the touch of the nail clippers, gently squeeze the clipper to make your puppy hear the sound and don’t trim the nails. You can also turn the grinder on and make your puppy feel the vibration.


  • Day 4: Give your puppy treats and praise by touching the nail clippers or grinding your puppy’s feet for the second time.


  • Day 5: From one of the front paw nails, try to trim the smallest tip. If your puppy allows you to do it, give him treats but keep in mind to do just one nail even if he lets you. Keep doing this 

until your dog doesn’t seem to mind while allowing you to do it.


  • Day 6: Try to trim the tip-off of two nails of your puppy.


  • Day 7: You need to keep doing the same thing every day by adding more fingernails and cutting them until you have completed with all the fingers without making your puppy mind at all. 


Even when there is no need to clip a nail, remember to practice the same, as pretending to cut the nails will help your pup get used to the process.


Steps to trim your dog’s nails


With the availability of different types of dog nail trimmers, be it scissors or grinding tools, you can use whatever equipment you are comfortable with or whichever equipment functions best on your dog. 


Bleeding may start when you cut your puppy’s nails too short or in case of an accident while cutting, so as an early precaution, you can have some styptic powder or other blood clotting powder on your hand or beside you to stop bleeding immediately. 


If this is your initial time cutting your puppy’s nails, you must consider having lessons from your veterinary doctor.


  • Step 1: After you pick up a paw, gently place your thumb on the toe’s pad. Try to put the other finger above the toe set above their nail. Also, keep in mind to keep your dog’s fur away.


  • Step 2: You need to extend the nail to develop the nail; try to push your thumb up and backwards on the pad. Also, move your forefinger forward.


  • Step 3: It would be best to clip simply the tip of the nail straight over the way. Try cutting the dewclaws near the interior surface of the paw.


  • Step 4: Restraint yourself from clipping over the curve of the nail, or you might hit the pink area that contains blood vessels called quick. Watch for chalky white rings in dogs with dark nails.


Steps of Grinding Your Dog’s Nail


Make sure to use safe Grinding tools for your dog’s nails to avoid any risks of bleeding or infection.


  • Firstly you need to apply firm but gentle support to the dog’s toe. After that, you have to continue filing only a tiny part of your dog’s nail at the moment.


  • You require grinding over the base of the nail. Be careful while grinding the tip of the nail. Then smoothen the rough edges.


  • It would help if you had better control of the grinder. For that, you require to keep the grinder above and towards the top.


  • As dogs tend to be anxious about anything happening around them, you need to keep them comfortable. If you observe any sensitivity, take note of it.


  • If your dog has long hairs, make sure to keep the hairs away from the grinding tools to prevent the hairs from getting caught.


What to do if you fail to cut your dog’s nails?


Nails are also part of the dog’s body. Therefore it needs to be kept healthy; otherwise, the nails might cause pain and, in some instances, might trigger irreversible damage to the dog. This is the reason why there is a necessity for proper maintenance of your dog.


Long nails can turn to splayed feet and reduced traction. Throughout extension, they can cause foot deformity and injury of tendons. Some dogs have long nails Naturally worn down and hence won’t require clipping any further.


Wrapping Up,How To Trim Dog Nails With Nail Clippers That Are Overgrown USA


Keeping your pet dog healthy must be your prime focus as they are a part of your family. Maintaining the hygiene of your dog, in turn, helps you keep your family healthy. 


With this article, you must have got to know about using suitable and safe equipment for trimming, as well as grinding. For details, you must take help from your vet doctor.

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