January 25, 2022

How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data

Topic : How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data-Complete Guide all about partition

How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data
How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data

When you purchase a new computer, it generally has only one partition on the hard drive as a C drive. However, we can have windows 11 partition of drive. How many windows 11 partition we wish to create depends upon us. The primary necessity for windows 11 partitionis is data security. The C drive, which holds the operating system Windows 11, might develop some faults in the Operating System.

How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data

There could be corrupt files or some virus issues which might need you to reinstall the entire OS, in this case, Windows 11. If such a situation arises, you might have to reinstall windows 11. This reinstallation will also result in all your data getting deleted. So, to keep your critical data and pictures and videos safe, you do windows 11 partition of hard drive.

You might partitionen windows 11 it into as many parts as you wish to, but people generally disk partition of windows 11 into three parts. One part holds the Operating System, the other holds your important data and pictures, and the third party has the other softwares which you install on your computer. So, we will see how to create a partition in windows 11. 

Why should you create new partition in windows 11? 

Creating creating a partition in windows 11 on a hard drive might help us in various ways. Keeping the operating system and files on a separate partition is always best.

If you need to reinstall the OS/Windows 11 on your computer, if you have your operating system on a different drive, you can save all other data by simply formatting the drive where the OS or, in this case, We have Windows11.

Aside from the reasons stated above, installing programmes and your other utilities such as large videos and games on the same drive as your operating system will ultimately slow down your computer.

Creating partitions with labels also aids in the file being appropriately organised. If your hard drive is large enough, you should divide it into several partitions. 

How to Create Hard Drive Partitions And Manage Disk Partitions Windows 11 

There are generally three ways to create disk partitions in Windows 11. The most often used is Disk Management, and this tool comes bundled with the Windows 11 operating system.

The second method to create a drive partition is using the command prompt, and the third and final way to create disk partitions is by using third-party software.

The easiest and the most commonly used method is the inbuilt tool “Disk Management”. 

Disk Partition using Disk Management in Windows 11. 

First, go to the Start menu button and Right Click there. A window with a lot of options will open up.

You will find “Disk Management” among the given list of options and select it with a click.

A disk management window opens up. Right, Click on the Disk you want to create a partition in.

A few more options will open for you. Locate “Shrink Volume” and select it. 

Now a new window/box will open up, in that windows enter in MB, the amount of space you want to shrink. The amount you want to shrink will be the size of the partition.

After deciding on the shrinking size, tap on “Shrink”. 

Now, take your pointer to the part which reads “Unallocated”. Right-click there.

A box pops up with a few given options. From there, select “New Simple Volume”.

Tap on the ” next ” button when a new window opens up with the “Welcome” option, tap on the “next” button.

A window will open up, read “Specify Volume Size”.

In this window, keep everything as it is if you wish to create the new drive from all of the given unallocated space. You 

should change the volume size to save more unallocated space for creating another new partition. Once you have done that, tap on the “next” button. 

Again one more option window comes up. You have two options click the “next” button to go on to the next step, or you can choose any letter you wish to assign to the newly partitioned drive by selecting from the given “drop-down” menu letters. 

After that, in the next window which opens up, you can give the newly created drive a name by typing or inputting something in the “Volume label” box. You can not name the drive, and it depends entirely on you. After that, click on the “next” button.

Finally, you will see the pop-up wizard window with a button option named “Finish”.

Click on the Finish button to create your new drive. If you go to the “Disk Management” window, you will see the newly created drive.

So, we have discussed how to create a partition drive in the windows 11 OS using the inbuilt tool Disk Management. We will look at the 2nd method to partition a campaign using the command prompt.

Creating partition in Windows 11 using CMD prompt 

1. Hold down Win key + R 

2. In the run box that opens up, type in —-> cmd 

3. After that, press on Ctrl + Shift + Enter 

4. For the option User Account Control, tap “Yes”.

5. Next to the Command Prompt, type in – diskpart 

6. After that, tap on the “Enter” key. 

7. In the new window, which appears in the command prompt, type in “list disk”. Then hit on “Enter”. 

8. Remember or note down the value of Disk ###. In this example, the SS shows the value equal to zero/0.

9. Input – Select Disk Disknumber (Replace Disknumber with the value you noted down in the previous example.) 

10. Now, Copy and paste what is shown here —-> Create partition primary size=PartitionSize (CHANGE “PartitionSize” with the value as per your need.) After that, hit “Enter.”

11. Now type-Assign letter=Driveletter(Replace the Drive letter with any letter that has not been used yet.)

12. Now, finally, type in exit. Voila, you have Your disk partition.


1. Can windows 11 partition damage Hard drive? 

Ans: Partitioning will not cause any physical damage to your computer. In the worst-case scenario, you can erase all your data from your hard drive. If you partition an empty hard drive, this is entirely safe as an empty hard drive has no data in it. 

2. Is windows 11 hard drive partition is necessary? 

Ans: The partition can contain a lot of the storage space on the drive or just a little storage. A single division often takes up the entire drive on many hard drives. 
Creation of Partitions is necessary because you can’t write on a drive that has nothing on it. You must first create at least one partition which contains the operating system. Other partitions are necessary because if there is corruption with the Operating System, in this case, Windows 11, you have to delete all data in it while reinstalling the OS. Chances are there; you can lose all your data. That is why it is essential to have another partition to store all your important documents, photos, videos etc. Then, in case of reinstallation, you will not lose your important data as only the drive containing the Operating System will be affected. 

3. Does windows 11 partition slow down SSD? 

Ans: Partitioning an SSD has no negative consequences, so it will not slow down the computer or affect it negatively. However, it also does not have any positive impacts as far as speed and performance is concerned. SSDs store their information in memories and have no moving parts. 

Conclusion of How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data

We have seen in complete detail how we partition a hard drive in Windows 11 OR How to partition c drive in windows 11. We discussed two methods of disk partitioning, and one was using Disk Management, and the other was through the Command Prompt.

You can use either of the two methods through Disk Management is the most commonly used tool to partition a hard drive. We hope you liked this article and found the methods discussed here helpful. 

Here we have concluded our topic How To Partition A Hard Drive Windows 11 Without Losing Data

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