January 28, 2022

How To Fix No Output Sound in Windows 11-windows 11 sound problem fix

Topic: How To Fix No Output Sound in Windows 11-windows 11 sound problem fix                                   

With Every Major Change Or Update In Windows New Features And Fixes Are Introduced. These New Updates Can Sometimes Cause Some Minor Unwanted Bugs or computer sound not working. One Of The Major Issues That Are Happening With Updates On Windows 11 Is The Problem Of Sound or computer sound not working. Many People Have Complained About Their Speakers Not Working On Windows11 or no sound in windows 11 When They Update It.

Here Are Ways That Can Help You Fix Such Issues of microsoft surface speakers not working

Turn Up The Volume:

The First Step That You Must Try Giving A Shot Is To Turn Up The Volume. Many A Time It Happens That You Try Everything And Don’t Find A Solution Because The Problem Was That Accidentally You Have Muted The Sound. You Must Also Check That If You Have Connected Any Speakers Or Headphones To Your Computer They Also Have Their Volume Turned On.

To Check The Volume, Click On The Speaker In The Taskbar And Slide To Increase The Volume.

Check Which Audio Output Device Is Used:

Sometimes The Problem May Not Be With The Volume But With The Audio Output Device Being Used. Check If The Device Is Working Properly Or Not. If You Have A Lot Of Devices Connected Make Sure To Check If The Right Device Is Selected For Output.

You Can Select The Default Audio Output, In That Case, To Do So You Can Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Select The Speaker Icon On The Taskbar.
  2. In The Action Center, Click On Manage Audio Devices And It Will Show The Connected Devices.
  3. Now From The Options Select The Device You Want To Set As The Default Device.

Restart Your Windows 11 Computer:

Whenever You Face Any Such Problems You Can Always Try Restarting Your Device. Shut Down Your Computer And See If It Helps.

Disable Sound Enhancements:

Sound Enhancements in window 11

Windows 11 Has A Few Options For Sound Enhancements; These Are Audio Settings That Can Be Used To Achieve The Best Quality Audio. But It Is Recommended To Turn Off These Completely If You Are Facing Such Problems. To Do This You Can Follow The Given Steps:

  1. Open Settings On Windows 
  2. Go To Sound 
  3. Go To Advance Sound Settings And Click On All Sound Devices.
  4. Select The Output Device That Creates Trouble.
  5. Under Output Settings, Turn Off Enhance Audio Feature.

Run The In-Built Windows 11 Audio Troubleshooter:

Windows 11 Have A Special Built-In Audio Troubleshooter. Windows 11 Audio Troubleshooter Has Been Found Quite Effective In Finding And Fixing These Common Problems. To Run Windows Audio Troubleshooter To Fix Sound Problems In Your Computer Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Click Start And Then Click On Settings.
  2. In The System Tab, Select Sound.
  3. Scroll Down To The Advance Section Under Audio And Click On The Output Device.
  4. Windows Will Scan For Available Options. Now Select The Device You Want To Troubleshoot And Press Next.
  5. The Troubleshooter Will Scan The Audio Issues And Incorrect Device Configuration And Recommend Some Fixes To You For The Same. Apply The Required Changes And Check The Improvements.

This Must Be Helpful In Most Cases. If This Also Doesn’t Work You Can Always Try The Other Option.

Uninstall And Then Reinstall Audio Device Driver of windows 11:

Sometimes The Issue Might Be There Because Your Windows Audio Device Driver Is Either Corrupted Or Outdated So You Can Uninstall And Then Reinstall It To Fix The Issue. To Do So Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Search Device Manager From The Search Bar.
  2. Find Sound, Video, And Games Controller And Select It.
  3. Now, Right-Click On The Audio Driver. 
  4. Click On Uninstall Device Option.
  5. Now, Confirm That You Want To Uninstall It.
  6. Restart Your Computer. After Restarting Your Computer Will Have An Audio Driver Installed.

Update Audio Device Driver of windows 11:

If Your Audio Device Driver Is Not Of The Latest Version Or Is Corrupted Try Updating It. To Update Follow The Steps:

  1. From The Search Bar, Search Device Manager.
  2. Open Device Manager.
  3. Find And Expand The Sound, Video, And Games Controller And Click On The Audio Device.
  4. No, Click On Update Driver. 

Update Windows 11:

You Are Required To Update Your Windows From Time To Time. Not Updating Windows Also Can Cause Such Issues. To Update Your Windows:

  1. From The Start Menu Click On Settings.
  2. Select Windows Update.
  3. Click On Pending Updates
  4. You Will See The Updates Available, Now Download And Install All The Updates Available.

Check Audio Device of System:

When You Are Not Able To Detect The Problem Try Connecting Your External Output Audio Device To Some Other Device And Check If It Is Working. By Doing This You Will Be Able To Find Out If The Problem Is With Your Computer Audio Or Your Audio Device. You Can Do This By Simply Disconnecting The Device From Your Computer And Connecting It To Some Other Device.

FAQ of Windows 11 Sound Problem Fix

Why is my audio output not working?

Sometimes The Issue Might Be There Because Your Windows Audio Device Driver Is Either Corrupted Or Outdated So You Can Uninstall And Then Reinstall It To Fix The Issue.

How do I fix no audio output installed Windows11?

Examine the sound options in Windows 11.

To access that application, first select Start and then Settings.
Select Sound from System tab
If there isn’t a sound device listed in the Output port, select Add device. Next, to connect your sound output device, choose a suitable genre.
Double-click any of the sound devices mentioned in the Output port to see the choices listed below:
If your Computers output audio is configured to don’t permit, select Allow. Make absolutely sure that all of your device’s sound output devices are enabled.

 Conclusion OF How To Fix No Output Sound in Windows 11-windows 11 sound problem fix: 

Sound Output-Related Issues Are Not Merely Related To Windows 11 But Any Other Windows. Thus, The Solution To These Problems Is Also Not Any Big Task. All You Can Do To Fix These Is By Changing Audio Drivers, Checking If You Have Not Accidentally Muted The Audio, Updating Windows Or Your Audio Driver, Reinstalling The Audio Driver, Checking The Output Audio Device, And Running The Windows Audio Troubleshooters. Doing This Can You Can Tackle The Audio Issues Of Windows 11 Most Of The Time But If Still There Are Some Issues Try Using Windows 10. 

Concluded our topic How To Fix No Output Sound in Windows 11-windows 11 sound problem fix

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