October 7, 2021

How to Clean a Gaming Headset USA UK

Topic : How to Clean a Gaming Headset USA UK

Headsets are an integral part of any gamer’s life. They are used heavily every day. Even while not playing games, headsets are used to listen to songs, watch movies, or during a conversation over skype or zoom.

So, you see, headsets are the most unrested part of your gaming system. So, they will naturally get dirty, dusty, and collect our earwax and sweat since it is either inserted in the ear canal if it is an earphone or placed on the ears if it is a headphone.

As a result of this happening continuously, the sound quality of the headset keeps deteriorating, and we get exasperated and frustrated. Then we buy a new one, which might actually be Not necessary.

If we clean the headset, the old sound quality is bound to return, and we can go on using our headsets for a long time if we maintain it properly. 


When we look at our headsets, we see months-old sweat and ear wax in there from when you were running or doing your workouts or doing outdoor activities apart from hours of gaming.

Apart from that, a lot of dirt and dust also collects inside it from the surroundings. 

Earphones and headphones are the two types of headsets. Earphones, which are also known as earbuds, are small devices that fit inside the ear canal.

Headphones, on the other hand, can either completely cover your ear or simply sit on top of it. They are larger than earbuds because they contain a small speaker unit in them. 

Now, let us get on with cleaning the headset. 

The things that you will need 

1. A small piece of a soft cloth. 

2. Soap 

3. A multipurpose adhesive. 

4. Water 

5. Cotton Buds. 

6. Rubbing Alcohol

7. A toothbrush. 

Cleaning the driver unit of your earphones

1. Take the ear tips off before cleaning the driver unit. 

2. The Mesh side should face downwards. 

3. Until you touch the other side of the wire, use a dry toothbrush inwards and upwards to clean from one end of the wire. Then, for each earbud, repeat the process.

4. Clean the wire mesh with a paperclip and adhesive. The adhesive will pick up all the dust and dirt on the surface of the mesh. Dirt or dust on the surface. 

5. Lastly, use a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohAlcohole the metal mesh and wires with the moistened cloth. 


Cleaning the silicone ear-tips

1. Remove the ear tips, remove them from the stem of the device. 

2. Soak them in lukewarm soap water solution for around 5 minutes. 

3. After 5 minutes, take them out and wipe off any dust/dirt particles and soap. 4. Let them dry out completely before you attach them back. 


Cleaning the Headphones

1. To clean the headphones, you need to remove the earpads first. 

2. Now, clean them thoroughly with a damp or moist piece of a soft cloth. 3. Soak the earpads in a rubbing alcohol solution. This will clean the crevices and nooks of the earpads. 

4. Put them out to dry properly before you attach them back to the headphones.


 Conclusion OF How to Clean a Gaming Headset USA UK

So, we discussed how you can keep your headsets neat and clean for a long time by cleaning them like once a month. This cleaning process is not even very lengthy.

This will increase the life of the headsets, too, and keep the sound quality excellent.

If we maintain things properly, they run for an extended period of time, and we don’t have to spend money in buying another set of these costly headsets.

Here we concluded our topic How to Clean a Gaming Headset USA UK

Happy gaming to all!

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