October 3, 2021

How to cancel my Xbox game pass USA UK

TOPIC: How to cancel my Xbox game pass USA UK 

XBOX is one of the two most important gaming consoles another one is PlayStation in the world. Naturally, when one purchases it, along with the machine comes a lot of documents and games passes, and other necessary papers.

Xbox Game pass membership is a real help to the gamer to play free games and lets the player get online and play multiplayer games.

Today, we are going to discuss some rules and regulations about the XBOX game pass subscription. 

How to cancel my Xbox Game Pass membership? 

The procedure to cancel your Xbox Game membership is quite easy and you can utilize this utility anytime you wish to. First login to your Xbox account. Then, below Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, choose Payment & billing, and then proceed to cancel your membership. You will also come to an option that will let you end your subscription on the expiry date. 

Why can’t I cancel my Xbox game pass? 

Xbox does not let the member cancel the balance if the account has been suspended by Xbox or if the account already possesses a past due balance.

You must first check on these two upper mentioned reasons.

If it is a case of non-payment, make your due payment first and then cancel your pass.

If it is the 2nd reason, that is if your account has been suspended, contact the Xbox customer support about this issue and get this sorted out.

Let the account come in proper order and then cancel it.

The third reason is that if your account is a prepaid subscription then it cannot be canceled.

It will expire on its own when the subscription period ends. 

How do I cancel the Xbox game pass and get my money back? 

To cancel the Xbox game pass and get your money back first request a refund of your subscription. To do so: 

  1. Turn to the “Services & subscriptions page of the account. 
  2. Choose Manage written right next to the subscription you wish to cancel. 2. Now go to the “Payment settings” option, and follow the instructions given to get your subscription canceled. 
  3. Next, select Don’t charge me and also select Cancel immediately to get a refund. In case you do not qualify for a reimbursement, you’ll be asked to Turn off recurring billing and you will not see a refund option. However, there will be instructions that you can follow the steps and turn off recurring billing and that will stop you from being charged again. 

In case you did not qualify for the refund through the online request process

you can still submit a submission for the request to the Xbox support team via email or phone.

Will I be able to cancel the Xbox game pass after 1 month? 

Your online account allows you to cancel the Xbox subscription any time you desire to.

To do this, login to your Xbox account and below “Xbox Game Pass Ultimate”,

choose Payment & billing, then scroll down and click on Cancel. You’ll get two options.

You can cancel the subscription on its expiry date.

You can even end the subscription immediately and you will get a refund for the price you paid for the game pass. 

You can cancel the game pass ultimate subscription after 1 month using the same procedure mentioned above. 

Conclusion of How to cancel my Xbox game pass USA UK 

We have discussed in proper detail the questions the users of Xbox about the game pass commonly ask.

I hope the above answers about the Xbox game pass were to your satisfaction.

In case of other doubts feel free to go to the Xbox support site website.

As said before, Xbox is one of the two most popular and in-demand 

games consoles. So, many hundreds of queries may arise.

We hope you enjoyed this “q & a” session and this will make your gaming journey easier and more pleasant.

Happy gaming!

Concluded our topic here How to cancel my Xbox game pass USA UK

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