April 5, 2022

How do you delete everything on Windows 11-reset windows 11 on Laptop

Topic: How do you delete everything on Windows 11-Reset windows 11 on Laptop

Resetting our windows 11 laptops to their factory settings is the last option for most of us. When all other troubleshooting steps fail to make the windows function properly when there are multiple corrupt files, or the Laptop gets virus-infected, and nothing seems to work, resetting or reformatting is the final option and saving grace. There are two types of resetting methods: one that does not delete our files from the

computer, and the other is clean formatting where everything is deleted, and the hard drive is wiped of everything stored in it.

This article will see a few ways of resetting our computers back to the factory settings. Before you go for the resetting, make sure that you have exhausted all other options that you might have used to resolve your windows 11 laptop’s problems. 

How do you delete everything on Windows 11

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Resetting the PC from the settings option 

Use the reinstalling guide just below to reformat your Laptop from the Settings section on the Laptop. If your Laptop is not accessible because of the BSODs or other reasons, you can use this same guide that shows you how to reformat your Laptop using an ISO/USB. 

Press “windows + l” on the keyboard to get the Settings application. Now choose and click “Security & Update”. Look to the left.

You will come across an option called “Recovery”. Click on that. Now tap on the option “reformat your laptop”. It will be on your right side. Depending on your requirements, you can select either of the two given options. 

The first one will be “keep my files”. All the third-party applications you have installed will be removed when you go for this option, but your files will remain on your hard drive. 

Remove everything: When you go for this option, this removes all files, data, applications, personal files, and everything. Your hard drive will be totally cleaned. 

After choosing one of these two options, you will get two more options on how you wish to reinstall your windows 11. They are 

1. Cloud Download – Windows will be installed from the cloud system, and the latest version of the Operating System will be installed on your Laptop. You need a fast and stable internet connection for this type of download. 

2. Local Reinstall – Here, windows will use the recovery files stored on the recovery partition of your hard drive to reinstall the operating system and get your Laptop to the factory settings. 

Now, tap on next, which you will find at the bottom right-hand corner.

Windows will now accumulate all the required files needed for this process. If you select to download Windows from the cloud, then the required ISO file will be downloaded on your Laptop from the cloud. Once you go to the next page, windows will inform you that it is “ready to reset the laptop”.

Now tap on the “reset” option. The reset process will start now, and in the process of resetting or reinstalling Windows 11, your computer will restart quite a few times when this process is taking place. Leave the downloading process alone till you are directed to the Windows 11 OOBE again.

Go as the prompts instruct during the reinstall process. It’s better to clean install your windows from your local settings, i.e. from the recovery drive.

However, if you feel that some of your system files have been corrupted, you can choose to go for a cloud install. 

Reformatting/Resetting Windows 11 using a USB Recovery Disk 

If your Laptop is suffering from a boot issue, you might go for the USB recovery disk to reformat your computer. 

Step 1. Attach USB to a healthy computer and format the USB to the exFAT file system. 

Tap “This PC” to open it. Select “Format ” 

Beneath the “File System” part, select the exFAT option. 

Step 2. Make a Recovery Drive and boot from the USB drive. 

Type in “Create a recovery drive” inside the rectangular search panel. 

Put a checkmark on the option “Back up the system files to the recovery disk”.Now tap on “Next”. 

Choose the USB hard drive option beneath the “Available Drive”. After that select -> “Create” 

The USB hard drive you are using for installing windows will now be given a new name. It will be called the “Recovery” drive. 

Step 3. Reset the Laptop with the USB drive. 

Start the Laptop and tap and hold on to the “shift” key. 

There will be a “select an option” on the screen before you. Tap on the “Use a device” option. You will, of course, select the USB hard disk.

The Windows 11 would reboot from the USB drive. Select the keyboard layout you want to use and then tap on the “Troubleshoot” option on the given menu. 

Choose Recover from the USB drive from the given list of choices. 

Now sit and watch windows 11 get installed on your Laptop from the USB hard drive. 

Conclusion of How do you delete everything on Windows 11-reset windows 11 on Laptop

We have discussed two methods of resetting or reformatting your Windows 11 laptop. You can always use this guide to reformat or reset your 

Laptop. The first method is always the best option when you wish to reset your Laptop.

The second method can be used if you cannot reach your windows desktop due to damaged and corrupt files or BSODs.

Then you can create a bootable USB drive and go ahead with the resetting till we see you one our next article on some new technology information; bye for now!Hope you like the article How do you delete everything on Windows 11-reset windows 11 on Laptop

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