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Headphones Connected But No Sound Windows 11

Topic: Headphones Connected But No Sound Windows 11

These are the most common issues that we face with our Bluetooth headphones/headsets while connecting them to a Windows 11 pc. We will find out how to troubleshoot the problems with the Bluetooth headsets on windows 11

Bluetooth is an essential component of your PC for fast, uninterrupted connections. It allows users to connect to various devices such as your phone, speakers, microphones, and other devices.

The days of clumsy wired connections are over, thanks to Bluetooth. After Windows 11, quite a few users have reported that their Bluetooth is not working correctly. When they put the Bluetooth headphones on, it is connected but not working. If you also happen to be one such user, this article might help you. Read the article and follow the troubleshooting techniques used here, and you might fix your Bluetooth issue. Bluetooth issues might arise due to a plethora of reasons. It could be a corrupt driver, it could be software issues, or it could be many other reasons.

One thing we need to reckon with, Bluetooth is a wireless device, and having wireless methods of communication are not as stable as the wired ones, so running into trouble with Bluetooth often happens. However, we should not have any problems troubleshooting them. Most of the time, one can solve these issues in quick and easy steps. 

Headphones Connected But No Sound Windows 11

A few basic troubleshooting steps the computer/windows 11 can’t find Bluetooth headphone

  • 1. Check the windows volume setting – check the volume settings. Sometimes, we accidentally mute the speaker/headphone without realizing it. After having done that, try the Bluetooth headset once more. If the sound issue is resolved, then great! Else we will move on to the next step. 
  • 2. Turn on the headphones. We often tend to forget that Bluetooth headsets have their power buttons.Check that if it is already turned on. If it is not turned on, turn on the headphones and check if you are getting sound now. 

 Windows 11 not Detecting Bluetooth Headphones – The reasons. 

Several factors could cause Bluetooth failure, and it could be a problem with either the software or the hardware. In both cases, one can quickly repair. 

  • A driver could be malfunctioning. 
  • There could be problems with the hardware of the Bluetooth. 
  • There could be problems with the headset that is to be connected. 
  • The headset is away from the computer wifi range. 
  • It could be a problem with specific software. 
  • The laptop/desktop does not support Bluetooth. 

Now let us look at the troubleshooting of Bluetooth headphones problems specifically. 

  • 1. We need to ensure the devices we wish to pair are fully compatible with each other.
  • 2. We need to verify whether we correctly paired our Bluetooth headphones with our PC.
  • 3. We need to verify whether Bluetooth is there in the SETTINGS 
  • 4. We must check if other Bluetooth devices can be connected to the windows 11 laptop.
  • 5. We need to use the troubleshooter for hardware and device. 

1Ensure the devices we wish to pair are fully compatible with Windows 11. 

Check the user manual guide to verify whether your Bluetooth headset is compatible with your pc running windows 11. 

2. Verify Whether We Correctly Paired Our Bluetooth Headphones With Our PC or Window 11.

We should verify whether we have correctly paired our Bluetooth headsets. 

  • 1 Click on settings and open “Devices.” 
  • Now tap on “Bluetooth and other devices .”Then the Bluetooth toggle switch should be turned on. 

Bluetooth and other devices
  • Tap on the “Add Bluetooth or other devices” tab to get the headphones connected.
  • Place your headphones on “Discovery mode .”To do this, you need to refer to your Bluetooth headset’s manual. 
  • Return to the “Bluetooth settings” on the computer and choose “Bluetooth or other devices.”
  • Tap on “Bluetooth” and select your headphones from the list of devices. It might take some time, but the headphones will ultimately appear on the list. 
  • The First tap on the “connect” tab to pair the devices and then click on “Done.” 

3. Verify Whether Bluetooth is there in the SETTINGS of Windows 11

Suppose the Bluetooth alternative is not there in Settings. In that case, the problem may be due to a driver issue, in which case you should reinstall the Bluetooth driver or install the most recent update is available from the manufacturer’s support website. 

You can also conduct an online search using the name of the headphones and the word driver. We recommend following their instructions to install the driver, but if you can’t find any, try the steps mentioned below 

  • 1. Hold down the “Windows + R” keys. A box opens up. In that box devmgmt.msc. Then hit enter. 

  • 2. When the device manager opens, click next to Bluetooth to expand it and look for your headphones. 
  • 3. Right-click on your headphones and choose the “Update driver.” 

  • 4. Next, “browse my pc for driver.” 

  • 5. Give the path for the driver you downloaded. 
  • 6. Tap on “Next” to finish the update. 

4. Check with other Bluetooth devices or Headset

 If other Bluetooth devices can be connected to your windows 11 pc, the problem lies with the Bluetooth headset. Take the headset to your manufacturer to get it replaced. If other Bluetooth devices cannot be connected to your Windows 11 pc, the problem is with your Windows 11 pc, and you continue troubleshooting. 

5. Use the device and hardware troubleshooter 

If you are still unable to repair the Bluetooth connectivity of your headset due to a driver issue on Windows 11, use the Hardware and device troubleshooter step.

  • 1. Type troubleshoot in the windows search box and hit enter 

  • 2. When the troubleshoot window opens up, navigate to the “find and fix other problems” option. Under that, select “Hardware and devices.” 
  • 3. Tap on the tab “run the troubleshooter.” 
  • 4. Hit on “Next” to run the troubleshooter. 
  • 5. Now, you will get a list of on-screen directions. Follow them and finish up the task. 
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6.) Disable and enable Bluetooth on your Windows 11 pc 

Sometimes something as simple as disabling and enabling Bluetooth on the pc can solve the problem When windows 11 won’t detect Bluetooth headphones, and it removes the temporary bugs off the pc. Go to the action center, click on Bluetooth to please turn it off, and tap on Bluetooth again to turn it on. 

7.) Turn off Airplane mode when Bluetooth headphones can’t connect to laptop 

The Airplane mode of windows turns off all the connectivity features, including Bluetooth and wifi. Check whether the airplane mode is turned on and if it is on, turn it off. 


Why are my headphones connected but no sound?

Answer: Steps to follow when headphones are connected but no sound

1. Ensure the devices we wish to pair are fully compatible with each other.

2. Verify whether we correctly paired our Bluetooth headphones with our PC.

3. Verify whether Bluetooth is there in the SETTINGS 

4. if other Bluetooth devices can be connected to the windows 11 laptop.

5. Use the troubleshooter for hardware and device. 

Conclusion of Headphones Connected But No Sound Windows 11

We have gone through quite a few troubleshooting steps to fix the Bluetooth headset not working issue. We that your case with the headset is resolved, and we hope you liked this article and it helped solve your problem. We always try to bring you the best latest news and information on technology.

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