March 23, 2022

Guide to defeat the Dragon Zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

Topic : Guide to defeat the Dragon Zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

The Dragon Zombie, which comes under the toughest bosses of Stranger of Paradise. One can find this boss to be difficult to defeat due to its spewing poison pools that blanket the arena in conjunction with powerful hitting strikes. If you’re looking to take this boss to the bone zone in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy, you are at the correct place.

Holy attacks are a vital weakness for the Dragon Zombie to exploit. With the help of Dia spells, one can remove the poisonous sludge that the boss distributes on the battlefield, while Holy assaults like Divine Strike or Prominence do extra damage if you have White Mage or Sage activated. You must, however, pay attention to the types of attacks used by the boss, which are listed below:

  • Basic Attacks: Dragon Zombie will periodically slash with his tail if he finds prey behind or to the side of him and the usual 2 to 3 hit combination. Because his strikes are slow and have slow recovery animations, it’s best to attack after the tail combo is over. However, make sure to keep an eye out for his spinning strike, which can be lethal and has a surprisingly long range.
  • Poison Breath: In an arc, the Dragon Zombie will spit a line of toxic breath. This strike can be parried, but you’ll get poisoned right away if you don’t.
  • Spike Tail: In this attack, the dragon will slam down the tail twice behind him. One cannot parry this assault. Thus it’s best to avoid it.
  • Deadly Stomp: In this attack Dragon Zombie will momentarily soar in the sky before slamming down on a target area. This assault can’t be parried. Thus, it’s best to avoid it. This attack gives you a chance to hit his skull; if one performs this serval times, the poison assaults will cease.

Second phase

Phase one is easy to master, but the main challenge will be coping with the regularly developing poisonous puddles around the monster. One can use self-heal to avoid the poison damage or just use the Chakra command ability to self-cleanse.

It is not a good idea to take Self-healing solely with Potions, as the boss gets nasty enough to take large amounts of life with each assault. The following moves are used in Phase 2 to increase the tempo:

  • Basic Attacks: The fundamental assaults are the same, but in this phase, the spin attack is considerably quicker and delivers more harm; But one can stop this by damaging the Dragon Zombie’s wings.
  • Putrefying Roar: In this attack dragon will emit A shockwave that cannot be parried; nevertheless, the range of attack is limited; thus, a backstep or escape away will prevent further damage.
  • Icefall: The boss will sweep the ground in front of it clean and fling ice rocks. This assault can be deflected and is also a stealable command.
  • Poison Breath: Similar to phase one but transits in a straight line instead of in an arc.

Basic things to defeat the Dragon Zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

Keep in mind That the arms or wings are attackable, but hitting these vulnerable spots causes the Dragon Zombie to receive extra stagger harm. Because there are so many of them, powerful AoE attacks like Cyclone Rush or Firaga will strike all of them, essentially staggering the boss for most of the battle. Nevertheless, be aware of the Tunnel assault, as it emerges quickly. You’ll crush this supervillain and be ready for the next boss.

Guide to defeat the Dragon Zombie in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy

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