April 6, 2022

Guide to complete The Millennial Mountains World Quest Genshin Impact

Topic: Guide to complete The Millennial Mountains World Quest Genshin Impact

With the journey to discover Chasm’s latest location, The Chasm, travellers may find much more about Chasm’s past in the Genshin Impact version 2.6 patch. The Millennial Mountains is a World Quest that sees players scouring The Chasm for Millelith’s Treasures goods. In this, we will cover how to complete The Millennial Mountains World Quest and locate all of the missing six Millelith’s Treasures in Genshin Impact.

Guide to complete The Millennial Mountains World Quest Genshin Impact

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How to complete The Millennial Mountains World Quest in Genshin Impact

With the help of teleport, visit the southwest waypoint of The Chasm’s Maw and then go eastwards. To begin this global quest, speak with Wang.

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Skyfeather: First Treasure 

Then use teleport to the northeast waypoint of Glaze Peak & travel south. Ascend the mountain’s highest point by climbing up the wall. Sjyfeather may be discovered in the nest with the bird eggs if you reach the highest point. Gather it.

Second Treasure:Sundial of Ages

Players must now teleport to the east Waypoint on The Surface and go northwest. Keep climbing up the rock in the same way. The Sundial of Ages may now be obtained by investigating the bowl on the wooden table.

Third Treasure: Helm of Warding

From the old location, Players must glide southwest and look for a hole in the roof of the wooden home. Enter the house via the opening and descend two levels. Now proceed to the next room and fire on the explosive barrel. After the explosion, look under the hay for the Helm of Warding. Collect your valuables.

 Fourth Treasure: Flower of Farsight

Players must teleport to The Chasm Statue of the seven and go southwest to the pinnacle of the mountain. Players will find Tang Wuchou after reaching the summit. Players will obtain the Flower of Farsight if they collect all three Qingxin except Tang Wuchou.

 Fifth Treasure: Warrior’s Spear

Players must glide southeast from their former location to the mountain’s summit. Players will receive the Warrior’s Spear reward after reaching the mountain’s summit. Take it in your hands and move forward.

Sixth Treasure:Cup of Commons

This prize may only be gained after completing the global quest for Undetected Infiltration. Gamers must reach the bandit camp mentioned above to start this side quest. If gamers finish the mission and unlock the chest at the end, they will receive the cup.

After collecting all of the lost goods, gamers must return to the monument and offer all of the lost objects. Enter the cave and get the valuables. Stand at the top and speak with Wang to finish the global quest. The global accomplishment will be awarded to players.

Never Shall The Millelith Be Moved. Gamers will earn various prizes after effectively finishing the task, including Adventure EXP x 350, Primogems x 40, Hero’s Wit x 3, Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6 & Mora x30,000.

Conclusion of Guide to complete The Millennial Mountains World Quest Genshin Impact

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