April 6, 2022

Guide to complete Chasm Spelunkers World Quest-chasm spelunkers

Topic : Guide to complete Chasm Spelunkers World Quest-chasm spelunkers

All players must complete the Surreptitious Seven-Star Sundering World Quest before they may begin the Chasm Spelunkers World Quest. This article will discuss how you can complete the Genshin Impact Chasm Spelunkers World Quest in the shortest amount of time possible.

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How to open Chasm Spelunkers World Quest in Genshin Impact

The sealing on The Chasm has been blown wide open by the devastation of the Bedrock Keys. It’s now up to us to delve into its depths. The Chasm Spelunkers is the third task in the Chasm Delvers world questline. In this quest section, you’ll explore The Chasm’s underground mines.

Enter Chasm underground mines

After eliminating the seal at the Chasm:

  1. Return to the place and speak with Yuehui.
  2. Glide northeast after teleporting to The Chasm’s Maw Southwest Waypoint.
  3. After entering the underworld, proceed southwest to harvest lumens in the area, and you’ll be rewarded with a new device called Lumenstone Adjuvant.
Guide to complete Chasm Spelunkers World Quest

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Hunt for clues phase 1

Return to the Waypoint, cross the wooden bridge and continue southwest. Players must now compete against geovishap. Defeat your foe and engage with the wooden crate’s journal fragment No. 1.

 Hunt for clues phase 2

Return to the Waypoint, leap to the ground, and head southwest. Players will now encounter treasure hoarders, with whom they must contend. Engage with diary fragment No. 2 on the wooden shelf after fighting the hoarders.

 Hunt for clues phase 3

To catch the lumenspar floating on the crane’s hook, stand on the sprout rock & leap up. After obtaining the lumenspar, the participants receive diary fragment No. 3 by heading southeast. Engage with the third diary segment.

Return to the same Waypoint & speak with Jinwu. Players must now leap to the ground, go southeast, and enter the cave. Follow the trail and gather any lumenspar that players come across along the journey. Keep going down the path & activate the Waypoint.

The first region of the subterranean Chasm will be seen after players arrive at the exploring team’s camp. Acquire the lumenspar by heading east.

The next step is for players to glide east and retrieve the lumenspar off a wooden board.

Continue east to the bridge and seek for Zhiqiong. Glide eastwards towards the luminspar that’s floating on top of the shattered bridge.

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Hindering Some Bandits

Guide to complete Chasm Spelunkers World Quest-chasm spelunkers

Players must now glide southeast across the wooden platform to the lumenspar. Then, to open the Waypoint, proceed southeast. Use the quest explorer to go to the task’s location. Gamers can access a nearby waypoint to cut down on exploring time.

Gamers must glide northeast more toward the mission destination after unlocking the Waypoint. There will be treasure hoarders in the area, and gamers must combat them & defeat them.

To earn The Alchemistake achievement, free Clitopho from the cage.Players must use the quest navigator to navigate south to the second seized camp.

Players must battle the treasure hoarders once again at the second camp and afterwards engage with the enormous cannon after eliminating them.

With the guidance of the quest navigator, head east to the cannonball warehouse. If desired, gamers can uncover the Waypoint from a higher platform. As players approach the gate, the subquests Seeing New People & Foiling Some Bandits are now complete.

 Miasmic Contact

Players must now teleport to the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel waypoint and use the quest navigator to travel south. To get to the opposite side of the mines, walk on the rope.

This does not necessitate the use of the Venti elemental talent. After that, activate the Waypoint and make your way to the higher platform. While travelling east across the wooden bridge, the player will encounter several foes. Defeat all of the adversaries you come across along the route.

Now is the time to enter the cave and explore the first anomaly. On the route, players will encounter two abysses, which they must vanquish in order to photograph the abnormality. Players will enter a cutscene if they go southwest to the next quest destination.

To accomplish the Chasm Spelunkers global quest, teleport return to the Ad-Hoc main Tunnel waypoint. Expedition EXP 200, Primogem 30, Mora 20000, Hero’s Wit 2, and Lumenstone Ore 1 are the total prizes for this task.

Conclusion of Guide to complete Chasm Spelunkers World Quest-chasm spelunkers

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