March 8, 2022

Earth base door code location Horizon Forbidden West

Topic : Earth base door code location Horizon Forbidden West

When Mission of Eye of the Earth start ?

The Eye of the Earth in Horizon Forbidden West starts only after you find a trail to up & massacre the Grimhorn in The Dying Lands quest. As you move deeper into the facility of Sacred Cave, the security system of this place discovers you almost instantly and puts lockdown on the entire site. So you scout ahead for a means to get the lockdown lifted.

Location of Earth base door code

Earth base door code location

While looking for MINERVA, you can unlock the place to The Base’s secret area. There’s an unsecured hatch to the right after you’ve pulled open a hatch and gone through it. The Base private room is via the hatch, but you haven’t accessed it yet with the appropriate code. You must first speak with GAIA, ask her questions, gain the Built the Base trophy, then select your Subordinate Function quest before returning to the barred door.

You’ll need to read 4 Datapoints around the Base to retrieve the code. You’ll get some figures from these four data points. To acquire the code, add the numbers together.

Datapoint 1: 9

Datapoint 2: 626

Datapoint 3: 11

Datapoint 4: 8

9626118 is the Door Code of Earth base door code. To open the door, type the door code.

Enter the chamber by unlocking the door. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to see or do inside this hidden area. As shown in the image below, there are 5 data points here.

Conclusion of Earth base door code location Horizon Forbidden West

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