November 4, 2021

Does a Turtle die with its Eyes Open USA UK

TOPIC : Does a Turtle die with its Eyes Open USA UK

Turtles are great as pets. However, they need special care that future turtle owners must be aware of.

One should know the symptoms of whether a turtle is going to die to keep their turtles safe and healthy and have an understanding about when to get help.

I had a pet turtle once, and it died in a strange fashion. It died with its eyes open.

I am still confused about the manner of death of my turtle, but we will discuss that in detail later.

First, let us learn about the general symptoms which might indicate that our pet turtle is very unwell or dying. 

How to know that turtle is dying? 

The turtles, both the aquatic and the semi-aquatic ones, might suffer from very common health conditions such as respiratory sickness, parasites, etc.

We should be sure we are never too late to understand the symptoms before it is too late to realize.

We should be vigilant about watching our turtle’s daily diet, and daily routine is an imperative part of owning a turtle as a pet.

Some common symptoms that a turtle is unwell and that it might die are

1. Loss of appetite: When our pet turtle refuses to eat, and as a result, starts losing weight, this could be a cause of real concern.

It might be the harbinger of some real underlying problems like internal infection or problems in the gastrointestinal tract.

It requires immediate medical attention. 

2. Laziness: it is not uncommon for hibernating turtles to be sluggish, but a healthy turtle should occasionally move around their tracks and respond when food is given.

If the turtle stops eating and hardly moves, it is time to immediately take the turtle to the veterinarian. 

3. Skin problems The swelling of some areas, especially the eyes, shell, or ears, are signs of an abscess or an internal organ infection.

Again, some ailments of the shell are easily treatable, and again some might also be life-threatening.

It would be time to take him to a vet right away.

There could be signs of visible tumors on various parts of the body. This is also the time to take it to the vet right away, especially if there is some foul smell coming from those tumors. 

4. Respiratory problems: Respiratory problems are pretty common in turtles. It could be mild or even life-threatening. The common signals are sneezing, wheezing, etc.

They might also gasp for air or gape, which is breathing with its mouth wide open if you see these symptoms that don’t seem to alleviate, take them to the veterinarian without further delay. 

5. Swimming problems: If we notice that the turtle has problems swimming correctly and has trouble staying afloat, tilting a lot to one particular side. It could

be the signs of quite a few serious diseases.

Infections in the lungs might cause this problem; Parasites in the brain could also make them do all this.

Whatever the case might be, it is wise to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. 

How My Turtle Adonis Died 

Now, let us talk about my turtle Adonis and how it died. It died with its eyes open.

I was not even sure for a long time whether it was dead or alive.

The reason being when turtles hibernate, they show such symptoms.

It took me a long time to decide whether it had died or was in hibernating mode.

It caused a lot of pain to me, I mean his death. Adonis was a semi-aquatic turtle.

He used to spend part of his time outside water and part of his time in the big aquarium.

He used to love me a lot and used to follow me around the entire house.

Complete story of my turtle

One fine morning after I woke up in the morning, I found him with his eyes closed.

He would come out of the aquarium when I went near it, but he refused to respond that day.

Initially, I felt that he was just feeling lazy after playing the whole time the day before.

He wouldn’t even move at all. I took it out of the aquarium and placed it on my table; still, it showed no signs of movement.

However, its eyes were completely open as if it was wide awake. There were no visible changes in the body 

When I touched its eyelids, it still did not show any visible signs of 

movement. I mean, when an animal dies, for that matter, its body gets rigid.

That was not the case with my turtle adonis.

I searched a lot on the websites I got from google,

and none of them said that turtles die with their eyes open.

I tried to move and shake it but without any success.

Even after 3 – 4 hours, the situation was exactly the same.

There were no signs of any movement.

Faced the Bitter Reality

Then I understood it had died, and I faced the bitter reality.

The turtle I loved so much had died strangely.

I took it to the vet to be sure, and the veterinarian doctor confirmed that my turtle had indeed died without showing any symptoms at all.

It was playing and healthily swimming around the large aquarium just the day before.

It looked absolutely fine externally. The doctor was also not sure why it had died in the strange fashion.

One thing that I knew for a certainty was that turtles rarely die with their eyes open.

They normally die with their eyes closed. My case was a very rare one. 

Conclusion of Does a Turtle die with its Eyes Open USA UK

Turtles are very beautiful and intelligent creatures. They are great as pets.

They are not as hardy as puppies or dogs.

We need to take greater care of them than the other pets like dogs and cats.

In the case of turtles, we need to be more careful and check their health daily.

Once he adapts to your room’s environment, it can really be as fun as a cute puppy.

I learned this through my own experience.

If provided with a little bit of tenderness, love, and care, they can also be our best friends like puppies are.

I hope you liked this article.

We always give our best to provide the best articles and blogs for our readers!

Here I have concluded my topic Does a Turtle die with its Eyes Open USA UK

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