August 20, 2021

Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021

Topic: Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021


In this article, we will discuss the newly launched ola s1 scooter & s1 pro scooter

features and differences between them.


The Ola S1 Scooter includes several sectors, one characteristic

that appears to have been bought from costly vehicles.

A hill-like function is available to assist cyclists on difficult paths.

It also receives cruise control, which even in many automobiles

at the entrance level is missing.



Highlights Of The Event Ola S1  Scooter  and s1 pro Scooter Launch:


It will be the largest building in India, the Ola Future factory. In the Ola factory, both airports in Delhi and Mumbai can fit: Our Ola Scooter S1 is the top performer in Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola CEO: Aggarwal.

  • The highest speed of 115 km/h was set.
  • There are three Normal, Sport, and Hyper driving mode available
  • In 3 seconds, the scooter can reach 40 km/h.
  • The scooter can travel 181 km.


  • The scooter also has a mountain function and cruise control.
  • A 7-inch display is provided with the Scooter S1 powered by a 3GB RAM core chipset Octa.
  • The scooter locks and unlocks with the application automatically.
  • The display also offers various styles and sounds following the topic. The function is known as ‘moods.’
  • The Ola S1 comes with a native browser.
  • The scooter also features integrated speakers that may also be used for calling.
  • Ola S1 can hold two casks in the boot.
  • The pricing for Ola S1 was rs 99,999 (ex-showroom price).
  • The pricing for S1 pro was rs 1,29,999 (ex-showroom price)
  • For countries providing FAME subsidies, the costs will be lower.
  • Prices begin in Delhi at 85,099 euros (all prices ex-showroom)
  • Prices start at € 79,999 in Gujarat
  • The costs begin at €94,999 in Maharashtra.
  • Prices begin at €89,968 in Rajasthan.

The firm previously stated that reservations from over 1000 Indian cities were made,

and it intends to begin delivery simultaneously at all locations.

The Ola kwh battery scooter S1 may also be supplied to purchasers at home.

The scooter range and pricing of Ola Electric Scooters are soon disclosed,

but the business has indicated that up to 50% of the scooter is available in 18 minutes,

and a 50% charge may be paid within 75 km. In at least one of the versions,

we may anticipate the business to provide a 150 km range.

The Ola Scooter is scheduled to run in three different versions with various characteristics.

The scooter is the most excellent boot space in its class, Ola Electric said.

Statistics on speed and acceleration were also given before.

The firm may deliver a peak speed of 100kph, and

the new scooter has also called for a “breathing acceleration.”


 s1 Scooter and s1 pro  ola scooter 2021

Here’s the Indian two-wheel electric revolution.

At least, this is what Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola Electric’s creator,

claimed during ola s1 and s1 pro long-awaited release on the 75th day of Indian Independence.

However, on independence day, the Ola S1 and ola s1 pro were not the only electric scooters that started.


The initial offer, the Simple One, was started by Simple Energy, another Bengaluru-based start-up.

However. Because it’s not just the price parity but a lot of criteria for a brand because

it is a viable alternative to gasoline. In truth, it is not simply an electric scooter.

Battery technologies, speed, weight, ecosystem charging, and software efficiency are part of this.

It’s just Ather, Ola, and now Simple One that pushes the edge in this respect as far as

revolutionary innovation is concerned.

Remain behind the rest, like the Bajaj Chetak, Okinawa Praise Pro, and the like.



Design Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021– 

Design is the most common consideration, therefore the best way not to

linger on which scooter is the finest. The Ola scooters provide a more

smooth and bright appearance with a range of genuinely lively hues,

while they indeed seem promising and to furnish.


The Chetak seems derivative in contrast and not disturbing,

which is the nature of a new-age e-scooter. The concept behind a good electric scooter design

is that commuter scooters’ steady and practical design may be used as an antidote to them.

The much cheaper Okinawa Praise Pro will remain excessively busy and probably not be designed.

In terms of design and finish, there is a gap between Ather’s sharp-edged aggressiveness and

Simple One’s or Ola’s smooth, bright appearance.


Performance Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021


Although the Simple One says it has a battery of 4.9 kWh, it is not the quickest motorcycle,

the largest in the class. That’s because the S1 pro is 115kph at max,

while the Simple One is up to a maximum speed of 105kph, faster on paper than the S1 pro.

The leading determining element in the supremacy of an electric scooter

should never be top speed, however, as city riding circumstances never enable

high-speed conditions. Although the acceleration number for the Simple

One is the fastest, both the S1 pro and the ather 450X (top models for both companies)

are relatively short, and the torque is instantaneously delivered.


Infrastructure charging stations for Ola scooter s1 and s1 pro


That’s actually what the electric scooter makes or break category is.

While some companies focus on establishing a broad ecosystem of quick chargers,

other businesses rely on amenities like portable batteries for more appeal.

Ather leads with 128 public high-speed refueling stations in 18 cities in

terms of a charging environment. In addition, the two and four-wheelers

can utilize these stations or other grids (for free until the end of September 2021).

There’s still to materialize Ola’s charging ecosystem. The company intends to create

1 lakh charging stations over the next five years, alone in the first year of operation,

which would allocate 5,000 charging stations in 100 cities.

This feature specific ‘hypercharge for 50 percent of the scooter battery in 18 minutes,

whereas the entire charge takes 5-6 hours by AC charging.


Ola seems more able to offer a more significant number of scooters in terms of its scale.

The company is putting up a 500-acre plant capable of producing 10 million automobiles annually once done.

Currently, 1 million scooters were produced. This time in Hosur (Tamil Nadu), Ather Energy,

which built its second production factory, currently has an annual production capacity

of 1.1 lakh scooters only. Although Ola said that the chip lack might

contribute to their manufacturing goals, they are now more than able to fulfil the demand.


While Simple Electric claims to “goal for 300 charging stations,” they now depend

on portable battery equipment, much as Okinawa – a young EV player,

whose performance and sophistication have since slipped behind.

Both Ather Energy and Ola Electric believe that, in the absence of

extensive charging infrastructure, mobile batteries might lower their total range,

increase user consumption, and be logistically unsafe.


Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021

Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021


Scope And Usefulness s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 


While the range claimed by Simple One is ahead of kilometers,

with Ola serving as a distant second, all the fields stated are still to be tested;

the remainder isn’t quite the kind offered by the two companies.


Considering the scooter size in terms of large numbers,

both the Ather 450 Plus and X give a completely reasonable range for inner-city travel.

A reverse and a hill holding function, both missing in the competition, benefit the Ola scooters.

It may also be accessible by a password or telephone app, which negates the requirement for a key fob.

As far as features are concerned, the Ola S1 scooter and S1 pro scooter offer voice-enabled controls,

satNav, numerous rider profiles, and music-playing speakers.

In contrast, the Ather 450X has online SatNav, over-the-air upgrades, and Bluetooth-based audio.

It has no speakers, though. The single one is like the Ather 450X, a 4G scooter.

It also features a 7-inch touch screen, geofencing, remote, audio and phone control,

document storage, and a tire pressure monitor. This is possible in combination with the system.


Despite its advanced software, Ola’s MoveOS wins this round,

much so that it’s featured similar to the rest of the scooter.


Summary of Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021


The main Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter in range,

peak speed, color options, and modes is Ola S1 and S1 pro.

The Ola S1 scooter has a high rate of 90km/h, between 0 and 40km/h of 3,6 seconds.

The battery distance of 121km with a peak power of 8.5kw (or just how far you can travel on a full charge).

The Ola S1 scooter is available in five colors: white, yellow, red, black, and blue (or teal).

The S1 Pro scooter, on the other hand, delivers 115 kph peak speed and

takes 3 seconds from 0 to 40 kph. With a peak power of 8,5kw,

the maximum battery range is 181 kilometers.

Concluded our topic Difference between s1 and s1 pro ola scooter 2021


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