March 24, 2022

Complete guide to unlock Doug and Margaret in Rune Factory 5-RF 5

Topic: Complete guide to unlock Doug and Margaret in Rune Factory 5-RF 5

How to unlock Doug and Margaret in Rune Factory 5

Doug and Margaret, two fan-favorite protagonists from Rune Factory 4, may appear in Rune Factory 5. But there is a requirement to have the Rune Factory 4 Special data on your Nintendo Switch to see them. At the beginning of the game’s first start, you’ll be welcomed with a notification stating that the couple will begin arriving in Aigburth. They’ll be residing in the Blue Moon Inn, and based on what we’ve seen so far; they’ll be remaining there indefinitely. You can friend them, speak to them, and offer them presents just like the rest of the town. Regrettably, neither can be romantically involved, so you’re trapped as pals.

Simple pleas of Doug & Margaret

Both Doug & Margaret will ultimately make simple pleas like “Do Something About Those Orcs” and “Do Something About Those Bullies,” respectively. Both of them need you to battle two orcs that you can easily come across on the route to Whispering Woods. Completing both requests simultaneously is recommended since the two orcs you kill will score toward both objectives. When you complete the task, you will be awarded the outfits of the male and female protagonists from Rune Factory 4. Lest’s clothing comes from Doug, and Frey’s comes from Margaret.

Use of costumes

These costumes in the game are now gender-specific. As a result, only the male protagonist can wear Lest’s outfit, while the female protagonist is only allowed to wear Frey’s. Don’t feel sad that you can’t wear the opposite gender’s attire; there’s nothing to stop you from acquiring them. You’ll see that Doug & Margaret will provide you with a wardrobe in addition to the outfits.

There was no need to have any extras because you were provided a wardrobe at the beginning of the game. Since you will have a wardrobe, it will be a great idea to trash both of Doug & Margaret’s outfits since it will provide you with lumber. Don’t be concerned about misplacing your brand-new clothes. You will not end up losing the costume if you destroy these closets.

Conclusion of Complete guide to unlock Doug and Margaret in Rune Factory 5-RF 5

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