March 23, 2022

Complete guide to tame a monster in Rune Factory 5-RF 5 taming bosses

Topic : Complete guide to tame a monster in Rune Factory 5-RF 5 taming bosses

In Rune Factory 5, we tame monsters, not farm animals. Normally monsters are hostile in the beginning, but you can tame them. Like farm animals, you with fur, wool, and milk items from these tamed monsters. You can also have expeditions with them, which is quite useful if you don’t have a good enough relationship with the townspeople to have them follow you into a dungeon. Taming Monster is quite simple, but it requires some trial and error.

Method to tame a monster in Rune Factory 5

RF 5 taming bosses

The first step to tame a monster is constructing a Monster Barn. It will help you to acquire the skill to tame monsters. After you’ve completed the Whispering Woods and unlocked the Earth Dragon, you’ll be able to perform this.Ryker will then request the message board titled “Build a Monster Barn.” He’ll provide you with all of the materials you’ll need to construct one (30 lumber & 50 stone). You can now tame monsters after constructing your barn.

If you are a fan of the series, you will be aware of the fact that to tame the monster; You’ll have to give the monster an item, just as you did in the bulk of the earlier games in the series. After getting the item, the monster will respond in one of two ways: with a heart, which is a good response, or with a black skull, which is a negative reaction.

You’ll have to attempt again with a new item if you receive the latter. You’ve effectively tamed that monster if you get a heart. After that, you’ll be asked to give it a name. It’ll join your group and begin assaulting any nearby creatures after you’ve done so.

The monster’s level will depend greatly on where you tamed it. Even when your monster is low-leveled, you can improve the level by defeating opposing creatures. To acquire experience, your monster does not need to fight or take the last hit on an enemy.

Conclusion of Complete guide to tame a monster in Rune Factory 5-RF 5 taming bosses

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