March 26, 2022

Complete guide to Solving Corhyn’s Puzzle in Leyndell-puzzle in Leyndell

Topic : Complete guide to Solving Corhyn’s Puzzle in Leyndell-puzzle in Leyndell

If you love solving a riddle, this part of Elden ring will become your favorite.In game, there is a monument riddle hidden in Leyndell, Capital City, that is fairly mystifying until you decide to pursue the way of faith.

The riddle will become easy to solve and see sights that only regression can disclose when you do. In this article, we will help you im solving the statue riddle in Leyndell, Elden Ring’s Capital City.

Complete guide to Solving Corhyn's Puzzle in Leyndell-puzzle in Leyndell

How to solve puzzle in Leyndell

How to solve puzzle in Leyndell

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If you want to learn how to solve the riddle, find Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold. He will educate you on new incantations and lead you down the path of faith. He would tell you that he will be leaving Roundtable Hold to seek the Goldmask once you approach Altus Plateau.

He can be located north of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace after traveling. Locate the Goldmask on the north part of the bridge that is supposed to cross the woodland below after conversing with Corhyn.

Come to Corhyn after speaking with Goldmask to have him shift to Goldmask’s location. Return to Goldmask and chat with Corhyn there. They will be forced to relocate to the Capital City as a result of this.

Meet up with the duo in the capital. They’re close to the enormous colosseum. Goldmask will point up the Godfrey boss room. Please make contact with them. Afterward, kill Godrey and collect the prayer book from the upper half of the room.

Proceed to Corhyn and hand the prayer book over to him. The Law of Regression will now be added to the list of spells he can instruct you. Learn how to use the regression incantation law.

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Godfrey’s boss arena

Find your way to Godfrey’s boss arena & take the elevator down once you’ve memorised the incantation. There will be a message in front of the statue at the foot of the steps. The message will contain regression mention.

Stand on the message and use the Law of Regression spell while facing the statue. As a result, the statue will transform, and the mystery will be solved. Consider that to cast Law of Regression; you’ll need 37 intelligence. If you don’t have it, then try to improve your IQ.

Conclusion of Complete guide to Solving Corhyn’s Puzzle in Leyndell-puzzle in Leyndell

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