March 20, 2022

Complete guide to find the Potion Marker in Roblox-Potion Marker location

With a new update, Roblox activity, Find the Markers, challenges players to locate different markers concealed throughout levels. The Potion Marker is a tough marker to discover, not challenging as a tree sap marker; the most fantastic thing is that it is Simon Says-style assignment.

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Potion Marker location

The very first task of the player is to locate the Potion Marker’s correct location. From spawn, visit the clock tower, and on its back, there will be an almost-invisible ladder climb on it, move toward the front, and use teleportation to reach the new land.

At the tower’s summit, there are now nine ingredients on exhibit. There are four to the left, four to the right, and just one near the top. Players must engage with the potion cauldron and afterwards observe which ingredients light up due to their actions. Like the ancient game Simon, five elements will brighten up in a specific sequence, which gamers must duplicate.

Complete guide to find the Potion Marker in Roblox

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Sequence of Potion Marker

Players must replicate the sequence five times to have the marker, with each failure resetting their progress. Every trial, the arrangement is also modified for each player. Gamers can attempt to record their screen, assign numerals to the items and write them down as the sequence flashes, or take the help of a friend to memorize the order.

The materials are marked quite quickly in the later levels, so pay close attention! After mastering the first style, the next will commence nearly soon, so be prepared! Once you complete this mission, the marker will appear in the potion cauldron.

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Conclusion of Complete guide to find the Potion Marker in Roblox-Potion Marker location

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