March 22, 2022

Complete guide to find Location of Nomadic Merchant’s armor set

Topic : Complete guide to find Location of Nomadic Merchant’s armor set

In a game, To find the Nomadic Merchants is not easy. But it’s easy to find atleast one on each part of the map, and they all are known for selling products. And we have good news: if you want to become a merchant throughout the game, you can use this trick. In Elden Ring, here’s how to find the Nomadic Merchant’s armor set.

Location of Nomadic Merchant’s armor set in elden ring

Complete guide to find Location of Nomadic Merchant's armor set

To achieve this armor set, the Player must first descend to the darkest area of the sewers beneath Leyndell, Capital City. And one can do this by entering the city & making your way to the base of the dragon statue. Once there, search for the well in the dark area beneath it.

Follow the route with the ladder down the well. Ladder will take you to the sewers and the Grace Roadside Underground Facility. After that, continue your path through the various sewers’ rooms until you enter the Forsaken Depths Site of Grace.

Now comes the most exciting part of this journey. Mohg, the Omen, will have to be defeated. Because this monster can be quite challenging, it’s best to have a strong spirit summon that can withstand damage. Hit the altar at the back of the room that Mohg was positioned in front of at the beginning of the match once he is defeated. This will lead to the creation of a new place.

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Take Help of merchant

Step across the wooden board in the new area to find a frantic shopkeeper walking about. To your left, there is an item hidden behind a tent. Sadly, you won’t be capable of damaging the tent by simply rolling into it. Instead, it will require the help of merchants, ask them to cast their lunacy magic. When the spell strikes the tent, it will be destroyed, and you’ll be able to take the armor set from beneath it.

Conclusion of Complete guide to find Location of Nomadic Merchant’s armor set

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