April 20, 2022

Complete guide to Defeat Taroumaru In Clash of Lone Blades genshin impact

Topic : Complete guide to Defeat Taroumaru In Clash of Lone Blades genshin impact

In this article we will cover how you can beat taroumaru in clash of lone blades.

The new Irodori Festival by Genshin Impact has various events for gamers to enjoy. “Clash of Lone Blades” is one of the Version 2.6 events in Genshin Impact, and One-on-one sword-fighting duels against opponents are part of this limited-time event.

Complete guide to Defeat Taroumaru In Clash of Lone Blades

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In Genshin Impact’s “Clash of Lone Blades” event, there are three difficulty levels: Serious, Dire, and Perilous. Players must defeat their opponent in Dire mode in under 75 seconds to unlock the Perilous challenge.

Players will face off against opponents with various sword skills and Honed Techniques, and one can get these Honed Techniques from the event menu.

If players desire to win all available prizes, players must first accomplish each task in Dire mode and then proceed to Perilous mode to finish the challenge.

Because Perilous mode forces players to defeat their opponent in the full 3-minute timeframe rather than 75 seconds, it will help players tackle opponents’ fighting techniques with more ease. Because players will not be able to employ Genshin Impact’s Elemental Bursts or Skills, parrying is essential while fighting.

Taroumaru’s Honed Techniques

Taroumaru, the Shiba Inu proprietor of Komore Teahouse, is the last opponent in Genshin Impact’s “Clash of Lone Blades” tournament. When Taroumaru is not attacking, his Honed Techniques allow him to block all assaults.

Taroumaru uses an exploding statue, three Electro assaults, and slams his Electro-infused sword into the ground as evasive tactics. A rising radius will be used to emphasise these assaults. Until Taroumaru returns to his usual sword posture, players must avoid these assaults.

This event’s parry mechanic is comparable to Genshin Impact’s Electro-user Beidou, albeit there is less forgiving when it comes to parry time.

When to use parry?

Players will have at least two opportunities to parry when Taroumaru launches his standard assaults. Taroumaru’s sword will gleam brightly, and a harsh sound will accompany it. This can be used as a prompt for players to complete their parry.

Taroumaru’s Fury metre should also be kept in mind. When he is fully charged, energy will swirl around him, and he will launch a parried ramming strike.

Taroumaru will fall on his back and absorb more DMG if this strike is perfectly parried. Ordinary techniques from Taroumaru will glow white, but Honed Techniques will glow blue.

Players who parry the Honed Techniques perfectly will receive CRIT strikes on their subsequent assaults, assuring victory. The “Clash of Lone Blades” event at Genshin Impact will run through April 25, 2022.

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