May 4, 2022

Complete guide to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge

Topic : Complete guide to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge

If you are looking for answer on how to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge in genshin impact.Then you are at correct place.In this article we will cover how you can Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge.

Complete guide to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge

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“Vibro-Crystal Research” is the second event in the 2.6 patch for Genshin Impact. This event will transport the player to the Chasm’s surface, where they will encounter and assist Patrice, a Fontaine researcher. The player’s mission is to assist Patrice in her research with the Vibro-Crystals in a Domain in the Chasm.

Due to ongoing repairs with the Serenitea Pot, “Vibro-Crystal Research” takes the place of the originally planned event, “Spices from the West,” as the second event for Genshin Impact’s 2.6 patch.

Players can just focus on collecting the same quantity of Primogems from “Vibro-Crystal Research” until “Spices from the West” returns in a future update.As is customary with Genshin Impact in-game events, the gamer should get roughly 420 Primogems as a result of the event.

When players join into the game during the event’s length, they will immediately acquire the quest “Vibro-Crystal Projections.” Simply speak with Katherine at the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue, and she will send you to Patrice, who is situated in the Chasm. Players will be allowed to join the specific Domain where the event takes place after a little bit of speech.

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Method to complete Harmonics Research Facility Domain In Genshin Impact

There are various different tasks that the player must perform in order to acquire Primogems, similar to events in the history of Genshin Impact. Participants will not be able to complete all of the tasks on the first day of the event since the challenges are timed.

To start, the player must choose a task and difficulty level (the higher the difficulty, the more points), then divide the challenge into two teams. Players must also set up each Connections & Receiver impact for both teams by clicking the ” Harmonics” button for each team.

The Connection (blue circles) that the player chooses will affect how the ” Transmission” feature functions inside the Domain – each impact stated on the ” Harmonics” tab on the left side of the screen. After choosing one of the Connections (blue), the player must choose one of the Recipients (yellow circle) to pair with that Connection.

The Recipient is an effect (such as enhancing a character’s Elemental Burst damage) that will be triggered if the player achieves the Connection’s prerequisite. The player is ready to begin after all three Connections have been linked with a Recipient for each team.

The event is similar to the Spiral Abyss once within the Domain, although there are some important changes. Gamers in each side must destroy as many monsters as possible within the time limit, while passively racking up points and levelling up the bar at the top of the screen to a maximum of four levels. A medal and goodies like as free Primogems & Mora will be given to the gamer according on how many points they obtained.

Players can try as many times as they like to complete the Domain tasks in order to improve their scores and experiment with the Connections and Receivers. Characters such as Venti (who is a trial character for this event), Kazuha, and Sucrose are extremely helpful in this event since there are so many minor foes, and gathering them together with Anemo talents makes obtaining high scores much simpler. Because the event is just two weeks old (as of April 21, 2022), players should strive to grab the event Primogems while they still can in Genshin Impact.

Conclusion of Complete guide to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge

Hope you like the article on how to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge.Also read Complete guide for genshin impact blossom of wealth location.If you have any query related to Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge you can comment in comment section.With this we have concluded our topic Complete guide to Complete Vibro Crystals Connection Challenge

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