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Complete guide on elden ring prisoner build-How to get prisoner build

Topic : Complete guide on elden ring prisoner build-How to get prisoner build

The Prisoner is a hybrid class that commonly uses dexterity weaponry & intelligence-based spells and therefore is modelled after Griffith from Berserk. The Prisoner is a nine-level character with average characteristics, including stronger dexterity and intellect but low faith & arcane. You’ll be piercing adversaries and utilizing elegant swords to do continual harm in Elden Ring when you’re not throwing spells from afar.

You’ll begin with the Estoc sword, Glintstone Staff, Magic Glingblade spell, and Rift Shield as a Prisoner. Whereas the Estoc isn’t the strong sword in the game, its ability to poke the adversary and do consistent damage is helpful in the early play. The shield you begin with becomes unnecessary if you watch your back with spells and rush in when the adversary is vulnerable to a melee attack.

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Brush up on your spellcasting skills

Before venturing too deep into the Lands Between, it’s a good idea to brush up on your spellcasting skills. If you continue straight south from the Waypoint Ruins, you should discover an adversary close to a dead body atop a collapsed tower. The Royal House Scroll, which allows you to gain superior spells, may be found here. Return to the Waypoint Ruins and give the scroll to Sorceress Sellen in the dungeon below. The Glintstone Pebble is one of the spells you may now purchase from her. It’s a basic yet efficient spell for causing harm to bosses and groups of opponents from a distance.

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Scholar’s Armament enchants your right-hand weapon to do magical damage, making it an excellent early-game spell. Carian Slicer is a terrific alternative because it has outstanding coverage and performs a fast-sweeping, ghostly sword strike if you don’t like that.

The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is a good choice for one who desires superior equipment, and it’s dumped by the Demi-Human Queens on the Weeping Peninsula, south of Limgrave. The Rapier, like the Estoc, is a thrusting sword that grows with strength and skill.

Drawback of Prisoner

Prisoner have the drawback that they aren’t perfect in horseback warfare. Thrusting swords like the Estoc aren’t designed for horse combat, so if you wish to perform spells while riding your ethereal steed, you’ll need to attach your staff to your right hand. It’s ideal to stay on foot & cast spells while a lot is going on since you’ll have more choices for striking and moving. Concentrate on dexterity, mind, intelligence, and endurance when assigning your runes to your stats. Intelligence buffs your spells & staffs while mind increases your FP pool. Improving your endurance levels if you discover yourself using your sword more frequently and running out of energy.
The Prisoner is a class designed for more experienced players familiar with the Souls series. It combines melee & magic to produce a lethal combination that can rule the battlefield from close range and afar.

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