March 27, 2022

Complete guide how to farm dragon in rune factory 5-RF 5 farm dragon

Topic : Complete guide how to farm dragon in rune factory 5-RF 5 farm dragon

The farm dragons are a new addition to Rune Factory 5. After clearing the Whispering Woods, one can unleash the first of five farm dragons.

The principal aim of these dragons is to farm, as their title suggests. In comparision to a seed”s property, a dragon farm is a far larger area; a Large area means one can cultivate more crops and earn more money.

One can also build Monster Barns in the farm dragons. This article will provide information about agricultural dragons available in the game, along with details on how to acquire them.

how to farm dragon in rune factory 5

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How to get dragon

  • To acquire Earth Dragon, the Player must finish the Whispering Woods.
  • To acquire Fire Dragon, the Player needs to complete the Kelve Lava Caves
  • For Ice Dragon, one have to finish Meline Crystal Caverns
  • For Soil Dragon players have to spend the Thunder Wilderness
  • For Wind Dragon player need to finish Belpha Ruins: Depths

You can offer crystals to your dragon of farm to build a Monster Barn for it, which will offer your dragon a short-term boost. When you’re on your dragon, stroll up to its head and engage with it to offer it a crystal. After that, a menu will pop up to choose crystals.

Power of Crystal

  • With help of Gaia Crystal (x3), one can Increase the soil’s health & damage resistance.
  • With the help of Glacies Crystal (x1), you can have a few days of rain on the farm dragon.
  • Is Crystal (x5) can Increases growth speed of crops’ 
  • With Terra Crystal (x1) one can create more space to plant crops
  • With Ventus Crystal (x2) one can have more crops when crops are ready to be harvested

Like everthing have downside same goes with farm dragons’.Dragon’s only flaw is that they don’t arrive with small items like a fertilizer bin, lumber/stone box, or storage box, which may be obtained for free through quests.

So, Player who want to maintain the quality of there farm dragon’s soil or want access to there storage, then they have to visit Palmo’s Studio, purchase them, and have them installed on their dragon farm. The Player who wants to create numerous types of furniture on their dragons makes sure to have lots of Gold, lumber, & stone.

Conclusion of Complete guide how to farm dragon in rune factory 5-RF 5 farm dragon

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