March 9, 2022

Complete guide for wings of the ten quest Horizon Forbidden

Topic : Complete guide for wings of the ten quest Horizon Forbidden

Horizon Forbidden West’s Wings of the Ten is the game’s penultimate main objective. If you’re looking to unlock it, you must first complete Gemini and then the All That Remains interlude. This article will show you how to finish the quest and end the story as fast as possible.

Step 1:Return to Base & chat with Zo

Complete guide for wings of the ten quest Horizon Forbidden

The first step in this mission is to return to Base & chat with Zo. Before Aloy starts her plan, she and Aloy need to talk and put Varl to rest.

Step 2: Mount the machine and ride 

Beta offered Aloy the override for a Sunwing during the Gemini main objective. After constructing one in Aloy’s quarters, it’s time to find and ride an override. Fortunately, there’s a swarm of them above the Base, so make your way up the mountain to find them. The one nearest to the tall grass on the right is the easiest to override. Mount the machine and ride to the nearest Tallneck once you’ve overrun it.

wings of the ten quest Horizon Forbidden

In Shining Wastes, you’ll find the Tallneck you need to override. It’ll very likely be the game’s final Tallneck to override. Fly over the machinery, then land or drop off onto its head to take control and get a better view of the area.

Step 3: Regalla’s troops

Your next mission is to sail to one of the Old Ones’ massive machines and retrieve a power cell. Then you must sail to The Grove, where Regalla’s troops are preparing to overpower and assimilate any Tenakth who survives & capitulates.

In order to witness Aloy destroy Regalla’s intentions by dropping the power cell watch cutsceen. But it doesn’t prevent her from choosing to fight, so you’ll have to take on the rebel commander herself.

Step 4: close battle with Regalla

The duel commences after Aloy challenges Regalla to a one-on-one fight. This battle has three different levels. First, you will have a close battle with Regalla; to keep her at bay, use melee strikes and set traps to catch her off guard. Save your cover and your most potent bows or spike throwers for another stage, which is ranged. Plasma blast proved to be the most efficient method of dealing harm over time. The Showdown finale will occur in the arena and will be a combination of melee combat & ranged strikes. Regalla was pinned with plasma arrows accompanied by fire spike thrower strikes anytime she could, even when producing ammo.

You have an option once you’ve defeated Regalla. You have the option of letting Regalla survive or killing her. If you let her leave then

Regalla will join Aloy and the others in the Base if you select “There’s another battle ahead.” As a result, you will not be able to obtain her bow, which is extremely rare and strong, with Precision and Strike-through arrows.

If you select “Your life ends here,” Kotallo will kill her, and Regalla’s tyrannical rule will come to an end. Instead of getting her bow, you’ll get her bow. This is the preferred option because having her bow can help with the final endgame actions.

If you select “This isn’t easy,” Regalla will ask you if you want to let her live or kill her, forcing you to choose between the two options listed above.

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