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Complete guide for nepheli loux elden ring location-nepheli loux questline

Topic : Complete guide for nepheli loux elden ring location-nepheli loux questline

Nepheli Loux is a Tarnished with whom you will have interaction in the earlier part of Elden ring game. Gideon Ofnir, her foster father, finding ways to raise him to Elden Lord, thus, she works for him.

Complete guide for nepheli loux elden ring

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Where to find nepheli elden ring

The mission starts with the task of finding Nepheli near Stormveil Castle’s Secluded Cell Site of Grace. Run past the huge and south of the Grace into a little room. You will find her standing over a Banished Knight who has died.

Exhaust her dialogue and, if desired, invite her to help Godrick the Grafted with his boss encounter. After beating Godrick, go to the Roundtable Hold and meet Nepheli.

Speak with her near Gideon Ofnir’s study, then choose “About Nepheli” from Gideon’s menu. Listen to him out, then chat with Nepheli once more; try to make sure you get through all of her dialogue.

After reaching Liurnia of the Lakes, travel to the Village of the Albinaurics to see Albus and get the Haligtree Secret Medallion Right.

Nepheli will be kneeling beneath a bridge, near a mound of bodies. Don’t skip dialogue here, then call her to fight the Omenkiller world monster to the north, past the flame-spewing Perfumer adversary and Albus’s pot.

Elden ring nepheli location after roundtable

Then again, Continue to the Roundtable Discussion. Hold your breath and make your way down the stairwell near the smith Hewg. Nepheli will be seated on the left side of the stairwell’s landing.

After you’ve exhausted her dialogue options, talk to Gideon and choose “About Nepheli’s Despair.” Return to Nepheli and chat with her again.
Find the portal leading to the Precipice of Anticipation from the Four Belfries.

Kill the Grafted Scion for sweet vengeance, except when it’s already dead, then return to the church you first saw at the game’s opening. Locate The Stormhawk King ghost on the stairwell to the right of the door.

Come back to the Roundtable because these are of no immediate use. Return to Nepheli and converse with her until you’re offered the choice to give her the Stormhawk King’s ashes.

She’ll claim they look familiar and express gratitude for their presence.

Continue Kenneth Haight’s adventure until he returns to his fort and is searching for the legitimate heir to Limgrave. Continue playing until Morgott, the Omen King is destroyed at the Royal Capital of Leyndell.

After you’ve dealt with Morgott, walk north into the throne room at Godrick the Grafted Site of Grace. Both Nepheli & Kenneth Haight will be present, with Kenneth remarking that since Godrick’s departure, she became the Lady of Limgrave.

After improving the standard weapon to +25, You will be awarded Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone by Nepheli.

Conclusion of Complete guide for nepheli loux elden ring location-nepheli loux questline

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