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Complete guide elden ring vagabond build-vagabond elden ring guide

Topic : Complete guide elden ring vagabond build-vagabond elden ring guide

In Elden Ring, the Vagabond class is a tank/strength construct mainly focus on dishing significant melee damage. With Vagabond you will get a high vitality, strength, and dexterity starting at level nine. A longsword, halberd, and heating shield are among the game’s first equipment.

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How to achive vagabond build?

Complete guide elden ring vagabond build-vagabond elden ring guide

To achieve this class, players have two excellent paths.
It would help if you took this lesson to improve your vigour & endurance to endure more hits and carry more items. You will be able to wear heavier armour and have more poise if you do so.

When foes hit you over the head with a sword, having more composure means your strikes won’t be stopped.Being struck by competitors regularly will diminish your composure, allowing you to be viscerally assaulted. If you concentrate on your equipped load and endurance, a greatshield with 100% damage reduction will render you virtually invincible when defending.

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Second Option

Another option is to focus a lot of your stats on strength and achieve becoming dual-wielding monster. If you want to have a heavy equipment load, you’ll have to pay points into endurance, or you may employ the Great-Jars Arsenal talisman.

Your best choice is dual-wielding greatswords, which aren’t too hefty but still can create heavy damage. As soon as you reach the First Step, hurry to the Gate front Ruins & collect the Lordsworn’s Greatsword, which you must travel through to proceed through the game.

On the other hand, The Claymore is an early game greatsword that you may get in Castle Morne by running past the mound of flaming harpies and, entering the first room on your right & opening the box there.

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It’s ideal for leaping attacks because you can readily employ both weapons when dual-wielding. Because most bosses will rapidly respond, you’ll need to evade roll out of the path just after the strike. Since Vagabond is such an aggressive class, you’ll like to invest some points in endurance. Because dual-wielding strikes require a lot of stamina, having extra endurance is always a good thing.

If you wish to gain some stronger armour fast on, you may buy the Knight’s Set from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Keep. The Iron Set armour, which can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant near the Castle Morne Rampart sit of grace, is another fantastic outfit.

Once you’ve defeated a few formidable enemies, you’ll want to swap these outfits out for stronger armour in the later game. Pour your stats into vigour, strength, or endurance, locate excellent large weaponry or 2, a solid pair of armour with 100% damage mitigation, and a formidable great shield if you desire one, as previously indicated.

Irrespective of how you play this build, you’ll need to raise your equipment load, which you may accomplish by increasing endurance or using talisman slots. However, you should save your talisman slots for other boosts.

Conclusion of Complete guide elden ring vagabond build-vagabond elden ring guide

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