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Complete guide elden ring sword of milos location-sword of milos location

Topic : Complete guide elden ring sword of milos location-sword of milos location

If you love sword fighting, then Milos Sword will be a great option as a weapon. It’s a powerful weapon that inflicts devastation on adversaries who aren’t ready.

This Sword has Dung Eater’s hallmark, and it incurs a lot of blood damage on those struck by it.

Obtaining this weapon isn’t tough, but it will take time. In Elden Ring, here’s how to get your fingers on the Sword of Milos.

Sword of milos location

Complete guide elden ring sword of milos location-elden ring sword of milos

In order to get this weapon, one has first to enter the Capital City. To get acess to city, you must earn at least 2 Great Runes & beat the boss guarding the city’s entry.

Rennala, Rykard, Radahn, and Godrick can provide you with Great Runes before entering the city. Once you’ve got two, have a one-on-one fight with the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss to gain entrance.

Proceed until you find the first elevator when you get in the town. Climb up the ladder and up the stairs in the next chamber to see a dead body on a seat with a Seedbed Curse on it.

Carry the Seedbed Curse to Roundtable Hold’s Dung Eater, and he’ll offer you the key to liberate his body. Once he has, enter the Capital City’s sewers beneath the dragon monument.

How to locate milos sword elden ring

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Pass the Fell foes in the sewers & dive down via the grate. Take a left after passing all of the enormous flower opponents. Move up the ladder at the top of the stairs. Run to the cell at the top & open it. You could receive the Sword of Milos if you want by slaying the Dung Eater here.

In this place, you will have a hard time defeating him. Following his release, the Dung Eater will drop you a message in Roundtable Hold instructing you to contact him at the moat.

He will attack you if you go to the city’s moat. Now defeat him here and claim your Milos Sword.

Conclusion of Complete guide elden ring sword of milos location-sword of milos location

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