April 2, 2022

Complete guide elden ring death poker build-death poker location

Topic : Complete guide elden ring death poker build-death poker location

The Death’s Poker is the weapon of timing that one can only be obtained by killing a specific adversary at a given time of day in the Lands Between. This weapon possesses a unique ability that distinguishes it from other weapons globally.

Ghostflame Ignition has its power, but it sets the weapon’s tip ablaze with a frost-damaging flame. A heavy attack of this weapon can trigger an explosion, or a regular strike can set fire to the earth. In this article, we will cover the location of this weapon.

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Location of death poker

death poker location

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This weapon can be found in the Caelid area. The Caelid area is located west of Limgrave as well as the Mistwood. Because of ground becomes a crimson tint when you’re at the proper spot, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. Caelid is accessible from Limgrave’s northeastern outskirts. Follow the main way down through the region until a fork in the road where there is a nomadic trader.

This will take a little time and lead you to Caelid’s southern area. Proceed to the east from the road divide and ascend into the steep terrain. If you’re arriving from Caelid’s northern sector, this place is also south of the Sellia Gateway.

A Death Rite Bird boss will appear in the region depicted on the map at night. This fearsome field boss wields the Death’s Poker. Keep an eye out for its ghost flame strikes, which may cause severe damage and even instantaneous death. The Death’s Poker will be dropped for you when you beat the Death Rite Bird.

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