April 12, 2022

Complete guide decaying ekzykes elden ring weakness-ekzykes elden

Topic: Complete guide decaying ekzykes elden ring weakness-ekzykes elden

Many Elden Ring players have trouble with dragons, but the Decaying Ekzykes may take the cake. It can poison you with crimson rot, making this fight extremely challenging. This is how we were able to destroy this gigantic beast.

Best way to locate to Decaying Ekzykes in the frightening Caelid area. It is located west of the Dragon Communion Cathedral and southeast of the Caelid Highway South place of grace.

Complete guide decaying ekzykes elden ring weakness-ekzykes elden

Decaying Ekzyke weakness guised in the horrible

The dragon appears to be disguised in the horrible, crimson, and polluted moss as you approach. As you go closer, though, you’ll see it’s moving. Rush in on your horse and begin slicing the enemy. The Decaying Ekzykes are weak to blood damage.

Thus, we recommend selecting a weapon that can deal with it.
Begin by striking its feet and staying to its side to avoid its teeth and tail. Make sure to rush out of there as quickly as possible with your horse once you’ve got a couple of slashes in.

The dragon’s crimson rot will spread over the battlefield, so keep enough space between yourself and your opponent to prevent quick death.

If you are affected by the crimson rot, employ Preserving Bolushes to counteract its effects. However, if the bar fills up, you’ll be lucky to stay alive because it depletes your health rapidly.

The dragon will begin by hovering in the air during this battle before diving down to attack. Make your horse sprint at certain times and then try to leap right before the dragon lands.

We recommend utilizing a light sword or axe during the Decaying Ekzykes battle because you may run at any time rather than being locked in a long animation with a heavy weapon.

We used a straight sword. The trick is to keep an eye on the dragon’s movements, and when you see its the head rise, you’ll know it’s preparing to unleash the red rot. Get out of there as soon as you can.

After successfully defeating the Decaying Ekzykes, you’ll be rewarded with 38,000 runes. In addition, if you go back to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, you’ll now be able to get Ekzyke’s Decay, which lets you spew scarlet rot breath from above.

You’ll need 23 Faith and 15 Arcane to use it. You’ll also need two dragon hearts to redeem the ability at the altar in the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

Conclusion of Complete guide decaying ekzykes elden ring weakness-ekzykes elden

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