October 19, 2021

Best low Glycemic Index (GI) Rice for Diabetics UK USA

TOPIC: Best low Glycemic Index (GI) Rice for Diabetics UK USA


Is there any rice that is suitable for diabetics? What impact do different types of rice have on your blood sugar levels?

Let’s take a large look to find out…


First and importantly, the fundamentals…

What really is the Glycemic Index, and how does it work?

The glycemic index (GI) is a physiological scale that ranges from 0 to 100 that measures how much a carbohydrate-rich food raises blood sugar (glucose) levels.


Low-GI foods have a GI of less than 55, medium-GI foods have a GI of 55-70, and high-GI foods have a GI of more than 70.

Which rice has a low glycemic index?

Will there be a single GI result for rice? No, no, There are numerous rice types, each with its own set of characteristics and, as a result, distinct outcomes.


Brown rice is quite famous for being a healthy variety of rice.

It is popular not only among diabetics but also among non-diabetics. White rice, while being processed, loses its outer coating, which contains all the fiber and nutrients.

What is left over is the starch. That is not the case with brown rice.

It contains its outer layer, which is rich in nutrients and fibers, which counters the starch inside it.

We should realize that along with the nutrients; brown rice also is high in the carbohydrate factor.

It helps people with diabetes with a healthy diet and also keeps their sugar levels steady.

Brown rice’s Glycemic Index is much lower than white rice, and hence it is a good alternative to white rice.

It is also high in nutrients, fiber and contains vitamins as well. All his helps to improve the overall life of any diabetic person.

Wild Rice

It is also known as manoomin or Indian rice, or Canadian rice. Don’t confuse “India” that with Subcontinent India. Wild rice was first cultivated by native Americans. The ones we also know as red Indians and hence the name Indian rice. In some places, it is also considered as sacred.

It is grown in the not-so-deep waters of rivers and lakes in North America. Nutritionally it is closely similar to the Asian rice that we all consume though it is a bit chewier.

When cooked, it has the flavor of black tea. It is rich in b-vitamins, and it has all the essential qualities of amino acids. It has a low GI of 45 only and is suitable for a diabetic person.

The problem with wild rice is that it is not found widely all over the world.

The Whole Grained Basmati Rice

For those people with diabetes who must have white Asian rice and cannot do with brown rice or any alternatives to white rice, whole-grained basmati rice is the best choice for them.

It has a low glycemic index compared to other white rice varieties and can be safely consumed by people having Type-2 diabetes. Compared to other varieties of white rice, it has the lowest glycemic index.

It fits in the lifestyle of those who have diabetes. If you read about this rice, you might come

across that it does not have a lot of carbohydrates in it. However, let that not worry you a bit. It does not release all the energy instantly. As you digest your food, it slowly keeps releasing energy to you, which is perfect for a person with diabetes as it maintains the blood sugar level steady and stable.

It has a low GI range of 50-58, the lowest among all varieties of white rice. Undoubtedly this is one of the best low gi rice for diabetics.

Black Rice

Black rice is the best type of rice for diabetic patients. It has a very low GI of only 42. It beats all the alternative rice varieties in this category. Once upon a time, black rice was eaten by the Chinese royalty and other very rich people of China. It was so costly that it could not be afforded by common people.

During that time, it was also known as “the forbidden rice”. When cooked, black rice turns purple in color and gives out a nutty smell. While consuming it, you will find that nutty taste in every single bite. It is highly rich in fiber. This is not only good for the diabetics but also for the common people.

The black rice belongs to the species Oryza Sativa. Once grown only in China, there are several countries where it is available now. They might differ slightly in color and appearance, but the basic nutrients are the same. It is rich in proteins, iron, fiber, and other nutrients. You could say that this alternative to white rice is the best for those with diabetes.

Red Rice

Red rice gets its red coloring from the anthocyanin present in it. Red rice is closely related to brown rice in terms of its quality and nutrients. Red rice also has a low glycemic index. That makes it a good alternative to white rice for people who have diabetes. Red Rice also possesses high antioxidant levels.

They contain zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium, thus making them highly rich in nutrients and very healthy food. Even non-diabetics can try it. Few varieties of rice give us such health benefits.

This rice is grown in Africa, many parts of Asia, and also in Southern France in Europe. It has a glycemic index of 55 or lesser, thus making it a perfect dish for diabetics.

Conclusion OF Best low Glycemic Index (GI) Rice for Diabetics UK USA

We have discussed a few types of rice, which are the best low gi rice for people with diabetes. These varieties of rice don’t just keep the blood sugar levels steady but also provides you with numerous other health benefits.

Thus, rice-loving diabetics can still maintain a healthy lifestyle as far as their food is concerned. Not only the diabetics but those who don’t suffer

from people with diabetes also consume it for their immense health benefits. Hence the popularity of these rice varieties. Some people suffer from pre-diabetes.

They should also adopt these types of rice and therefore prevent the onset of diabetes. It might take some time to adapt to the change, but that should not be a huge problem since the alternatives are types of rice only.

We all hope you liked reading our article and found it informative enough for you. We will give our best always to provide you with the best information related to human health so that you do not have to search from other information sources.

Concluded our topic Best low Glycemic Index (GI) Rice for Diabetics UK USA


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