October 9, 2021

Best Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle USA UK

Topic : Best Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle USA UK

To avoid consumption of fuels like petrol, diesel it is the best way to use electric vehicles.

It also helps to reduce global warming. This article is all about electric vehicles.

Fastest charging Electric cars

Here below mentioned are the 5 fastest charging electric cars so far- Lucid air, Porsche Taycan, Tesla model S, Tesla model 3, Nissan leaf.

Lucid air:

Lucid air is at the top in the list of top 5 fastest charging cars.

Though it is not available in market but it can be purchased if one orders it in advance. Speed of this electric car is 20 Mile per minute.

Porsche Taycan:

Porsche Taycan is launched already and it is now avaliable in market of US.

This is the second  highest speed car with a speed of 20 Mile per minute.

Tesla Model 3:

It is also available in market. It is being considered as one of fastest charging electric car.

It has made a record in Guinness book of world record. Few tests has been done till now. 3 drivers went out of UK taking this car and halted at 3 charging stations for 30 minutes each.

They have covered 855 Mile journey using Tesla model 3 with 350 Kw ion  charge. And its speed is 15 Mile per minute.

Tesla model S:

Tesla changes and improves its vehicles system time to time. Different changes in software has been done for all models of Tesla. It enhances the charging capacity.

Its speed is 13.3 Mile per minute  and it gets charged within 15 minutes.

Nissan Leaf:

It comes to number 5 in the  race of fastest charging cars. Speed of it is 12.5 mile per minute. Its price is  almost $30,000 USD.

Electric Motorcycle

Harley Davidson Livewire:

It is no doubt a popular company. Motorcycles of this brand provide the best quality. Speed of it is 95 mph / 153 kph and gives a range of 146 miles.

Zero SR|F:

This motorcycle is easy to use like other electric motorcycles. It has Lithium ion battery which helps it to consume less power.

Lightning LS 218:

This is the fastest electric motorcycle. Its  speed is 215 mph/ 346 kph. This is well known for its speed, durability and power.

Electric bikes


It has a facility of automatic electric gear shifter. Its top speed is 20 mph and provides a range of 37- 93 miles.

Delfast top 3.o:

This bike looks like a electric motorcycle rather than a electric bike. Range of 200 mile and speed of 50 mph makes it everyone’s favorite.

Fastest charger of electric car:

Swiss tech giant ABB is going to launch the fastest electric car changer in Europe by the end of 2021.

This new Terra 360 Kw modular chargers will help  people charging their electric cars within 15- 20 minutes.

It provides 4 chargers, so if one is charging, others also can charge their cars without waiting or moving to other charging station.

These chargers are very convenient, fast and easy to access than any other chargers.

ABB is supplying electric vehicle chargers to many countries.

It will soon be available in North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific in the year of 2022.

Charger types of electric vehicles

Level 1 chargers and level 2 chargers for electric vehicle generally use AC current and these are mostly installed in offices, public places. Power range of these kind of chargers is like 3.3 Kw- 19 Kw.

In level 1 charger cord of 110 volt outlet is plugged in, in level 2 charger 240 volt cord and in level 3 which uses DC current, 350 KWh outlet is connected. Different models of electric vehicles  possess different types of batteries.

They have different capacity of getting charged. For example: if you see Tesla then it’s model S has variable battery capacity of holding power like 70, 85, 90, 100 KWh. Technology of these electric vehicles are changing day by day.


Availability of chargers of electric vehicles

Chargers are easily available anywhere. Outside malls, offices, metropolitan are, public places you can get chargers. You can also order a charger at your doorstep at any location within few time.

In many garages you can find car chargers. Charging points are also possible to be installed at home. Power range is of 3.7 Kw to 7 Kw, which is way too expensive.

What affects charging speed?

Size of battery of electric cars:

Now the speed of charging is dependent on few things. Battery size is one of those. It depends on the capacity ( in terms of KWh) Of the battery.  Batteries with higher capacities take much time to get charged.


Cloudy weather with lower temperature causes delay in charging. This type of weather becomes a reason of slow charging and that makes vehicles less efficient.

Condition of the battery:

Charging speed also depends on the condition of the battery, whether it’s empty or half charged. If you are charging it from 0%, then it will take longer time to be charged.

How to increase durability of chargers of electric vehicles?


Avoid fast charging:

If your vehicle’s battery is too low don’t go for fast charging as it can ruin the battery. It looks convenient at that during emergency but it damages the charger from its root.

Avoid charging batteries upto 100%:

Never charge batteries upto 100%. Though it gives more Operating time but it is not a wise idea to charge batteries fully.

Don’t expose to extreme heat:

You should always keep your electric vehicles away from extreme heat as it ruins the battery very fast.

Future aspect of Best Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle USA UK:

In future electric cars or other electric vehicles will run on solar power. Solar panels must be installed for less emission of charge. And DC current  will be used all over for fast charge.

It is expected by several agencies in US that 800 new charging stations with near about 3000 charges will be installed by the end of December,  2021.

Few companies are already  in the field to make some Lithium ion battery, using which these electric chargers will also be able to charge within few minutes like gas pumps.

This process is under laboratory research. Upgradation regarding this chargers are in the process to be done in US soon.With growing demands manufacturers are producing more and more electric cars.

By the end of this 2021, it is believed that more than 100 models of electric cars will be seen in market.Few upcoming electric cars like Aspark Owl, BMW i4, BMW ix, Audi A6 e- tron, Bollinger B1 and Bollinger B2 are expected to come till late 2021 or by 2022.

Note: If Chargers with higher power are plugged in cars, which don’t have that capacity to take charge from such chargers, can be a reason of damage to the component of the vehicles.

Conclusion Best Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle USA UK

Before owning electric vehicles (electric car, electric bike, electric motorcycle) two things must keep in your mind, one is charge capacity and  another is range.

It might look fancy to keep such kinds of vehicles but it is also tough to maintain at the same time. Gas pumps are much preferable to few car owners as this fills within 5 minutes only.

On the other hand electric charging stations are a bit time taking. But it is expected that in coming days this problem will also be solved.

Concluded our topic Best Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle USA UK

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