July 1, 2021



According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report of 2020,

it has been found that over 1 in 10 people are the target of diabetes

and the newer breed of generation is the one getting affected by it a lot.

Diabetes is something that cannot be cured

but it can be taken care of.

People who are affected by it are depressed

because of it and they need our help.

American Diabetes Association (American Diabetes Association)

is here to make things easy for these people

as they indulge in finding different ways to help these people.

American Diabetes Association is not for profit organization

so it becomes our job to play our part as well

so that a successful mission could be performed

by American Diabetes Association.

All the donations received by American Diabetes Association

is will spent on different things of which some is spent

on research that works to prevent, cure and cope with diabetes.

It is not just some people who will be benefitting from the donations but a

the community comprises of hundreds of people benefit from it.

The people affected by this horrible disease feel ashamed


find it difficult to stand for themselves,

so American Diabetes Association becomes their representative


provides them with the life which they deserve.

A donation of a car is accepted and

is widely appreciated by American Diabetes Association and

they make sure that the money received from

the donation is spent for good.

Your used vehicle may not be good for you


you might be ready to buy a new one,

why not just give them a call and

be a hero to many deserving people.



All types of vehicles are accepted by American Diabetes Association

whether they are cars, trucks, RV, vans, or boats,

all these are accepted here. All types of vehicles

that is used, can be donated whether their

condition is good or bad. Good condition cars are sold

in an auction and can generate a decent amount

and don’t worry if your car is in a bad shape

because auto part shops also show interest in

buying these cars for these salvage vehicles.



Many people will have the right intention of being helped

of some kind but they don’t know where to start.

At ADA, it has been made fairly simple because

here it is believed that if you have the intention of doing

something good then it shouldn’t be a problem.

You can call at1-800-ADA-6570 (800-232-6570)

where they will arrange a pickup time for your vehicle.

Don’t worry, it will take only 3 to 4 days

when the pickup time will be arranged.

If you want to do it earlier, you can put your request


it can be arranged as well. Another convenient option

is also available where you can fill out

an online application form

at https://www.diabetes.org/donate/vehicle-.


The best part about it is that you

don’t have to worry anymore because

ADA will not charge anything additional as

they will arrange the pickup and take it from

there so you would not have to worry about that.

All these additional costs are covered with

the sale of the car which puts no burden


pressure on the seller and the association.

Currently, the vehicle can be picked up from

Continental US and Hawaii locations and

it will be picked up at a discussed time

where it will be towed away.


ADA is not for profit organization and

is also recognized by IRS.

The rules stay the same as they are

applied to other non-profit organizations

so the tax deduction is done to the full extent.

Though to keep it the exact right way,

it is better to discuss with your tax professional

first and see what he suggests because

the tax situation varies from person to person

so they will guide you better on

how they can benefit from it.

IRS is responsible for deciding the value of the vehicle

that is donated to ADA so the valuation is decided by them.

There have been certain rules set

according to the pricing that if the

vehicle is valued and sold at less

than $500, you will be liable to get the fair market value

of that particular vehicle.

The receipt of your sold vehicle will be mailed

to your address within 30 days


that you can file for tax deductions.

If your vehicle is sold for more than $500,

you will then be asked to provide certain verifications

of which the most important is your

social security number because it falls under

the US law that any deduction that is valued

above $500, will have to provide the social security number.

In this scenario, you will also get an acknowledgment letter

that will be useful for tax purposes.

It will contain some important information like VIN, date of sale,

donation date, and gross proceeds of the sale.

If someone is not comfortable in providing

their social security number, that is of no problem

because they can claim $499 in that case.


As the vehicle donated by you is for the good cause


ADA makes sure that all that good intentions

are also spent on something good

so all the donations are for the support of

unrestricted research which will look

out for all the options that will make

the process quicker to prevent, treat,

or cure the issues and complications

that arise from this horrible disease.

All the research is then put into practicality


by the time, ADA will get the leverage to

increase the pool of researchers who

will be dedicated to diabetes research.

Young scientists will also be given grant awards

so they feel motivated.


With your donation, you can make a difference


the difficulty of Diabetes can be solved.

It is not just a car but the intention behind

giving that car that matters because your old car may be of

no use to you but ADA put it to positive use.

The process of registering yourself and

picking up the vehicle is kept simple

so that anyone who has a plan to be a hero,

can become one. When you are donating the car,

please provide the title of the car.

Other arrangements can also be made so you can call the ADA

and they will guide you there

The normal time for a vehicle to sell is around

6 weeks after they are picked up from you

so after that it is 30 days when the receipt will be mailed to you.

It is a not-for-profit organization so your donation

is tax-deductible and you have all the right to keep

the receipt of your donation


the receipt of the amount of the car of which it is sold.

Be the difference.



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