December 17, 2021

Acupressure For Low Back Pain-Guide To Reducing Low Back Pain TCM

Topic : Acupressure For Low Back Pain-Guide To Reducing Low Back Pain TCM

A continuous dull ache might be chronic back pain.

Or maybe a tingling sensation on your back. It makes us suffer a lot.

Daily activities become tough to perform.

It might make us feel that we are always in a state of discomfort.

It isn’t easy to trace the root cause where it originally started.

An awkward movement or a strain in some portion

of our back might trigger it off, but that is not the cause of the pain.

It is primarily due to underlying situations; the awkward movement of our back or a sprain might have just triggered it off.

Lower Back pain is the leading cause of disability in the world.

Symptoms Of lower Back

– Chronic back pain usually comes suddenly and might last between two to six weeks. And because chronic back pain is a long-lasting one, it often results in our avoiding physical activities or compensating in other ways.

Causes of Chronic back pain

People often think that a single event or injury is to blame for their chronic back problems, but in reality, several underlying conditions give rise to chronic backpains.

Back pain causes

  • Muscle Deconditioning
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Improper posture and body mechanics
  • Genetics

We have looked at a few probable causes of chronic back pain. For treatment, we generally visit an allopathic surgeon or a doctor.

However, we can also heal ourselves by applying Acupressure on the pressure points.

We can use it along with the usual medication that is going on. Acupressure means pressing on some acupoints of our body linked with certain parts of the body. It is said to give excellent results.

It is almost like acupuncture, but there are no needles involved. The press acupoints with fingers for a specific time and repeat this two or three times.

Acupressure, just like acupuncture, is a part of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicines.

Many people have seen improvement by it, and tens of thousands of people have benefited from this alternate form of treatment.

The best part is you don’t need to stop your conventional treatment or medicines.

Acupressure is doable along with your regular treatment.

Our body has various pressure points known as acupoints or acupressure points—Foot pressure points-pressure points on feet and hand pressure points etc. There are also pressure points for sleep.

Let us see how we can use Acupressure to relieve our lower back pain.

Acupressure is a manual technique that one can perform by own. Acupressure, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach, is a non-invasive manual process that incorporates handling of the skin and soft tissues with the fingertips rather than needles on acupoints.

Still, How Acupressure work has significantly fewer studies. Aside from the fingertips, other body parts (knuckles, forearms, and heels) and blunt devices are also valuable for activating acupressure points.

Acupressure is a traditional healing art, comparable to acupuncture, that is simple to learn and use for pain management.

It is unnecessary to have expensive equipment or a big room to treat the patient. Acupressure massage has helped many people with back pain problems till now.

Six self-acupressure points which help to relieve our back pain

By self-acupressure, we mean you can do these by yourself on your body and get relief from chronic lower back pain and improved overall well-being.

In Acupressure, pressure to these given points, known as acupoints, helps to encourage the flow of vital energy Qi through the paths, which are called meridians. Meridians collect the essential organs of the human body.

Choose a quiet place and focus on applying pressure on these points for about 1 to 2 minutes each. You can again repeat these steps as often as you wish to.

  1. Stomach acupressure point:

Acupressure For Low Back Pain-Guide To Reducing Low Back Pain TCM

Lie and bend your right knee.This point, also known as CV6, is located about two fingers width below the belly button. Apply pressure softly but firmly on the area with your middle finger or index finger.

  1. Lower back acupressure points

you can find on a lower back acupressure point on both sides of the lower back.

Two-finger B23 and four fingers width are B47 from the spine.

The level will be at waist level, and One can find them on each side of their spine. Take your hands to the waist level and with your thumbs

moving slowly towards the spine, find these two pressure points.

Then apply the pressure for 2-3 minutes each. You can again repeat the same message after some time.

  1. The Hip Bone acupressure points :

The Hip Bone acupressure points

The hipbone acupressure points or acupoints: one can find on both sides of either hip bone. They have situated about two finger widths from the large bony area at the bottom of your spine.

This point is known as B48, and the other is located midway between the top of the hipbone and the base, which is the lowest part of your buttocks.

(GB30) Now, gently rub the pressure area with your two thumbs.

Repeat this for the other point too. This acupoint will relieve the pain in your lower back. Repeat the procedure after some time.

  1. Large Intestine 4

Large Intestine 4

Point is Between the forefinger and the thumb. Rub this place on both hands with your thumb. Massage the point gently but firmly.

5.Gallbladder 3 –

Acupressure For Low Back Pain-Guide To Reducing Low Back Pain TCM

This point one can find on the outer part of the lower leg.This point is present in the hollow in front of and below the head of the Fibula bone.

This point is known as the influential point of the tendons.

Gently massage this point with your thumbs for a minute or two.

Repeat the action on the other leg. This acupoint will provide relief to your back pain.




Lie down on your right side and bend your right knee. With your right hand, reach for your foot.

This point is two finger-widths above the joint of your big toe and second toe (Liv3).

This point can be slightly tender; apply medium to firm pressure with your thumb or index finger. Repeat on the other leg.

Conclusion OF Acupressure For Low Back Pain-Guide To Reducing Low Back Pain TCM :

We discussed a few acupressure points related to lower back pain at length.

Though Acupressure is considered alternative medicine, tens of thousands of people have received benefits from Acupressure.

Moreover, there are no adverse side effects of Acupressure, and that is why this traditional form of Chinese Medicine is getting very popular worldwide.

We will keep you regularly updated about different types of Acupressure and their benefits in the coming future.

Concluded our topic Acupressure For Low Back Pain-Guide To Reducing Low Back Pain TCM

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