Hi Friend,

My Name is Dr.Rahul Gupta the founder of the Techhealth blog

I am a Doctor by profession.

I have started blogging in 2021.

I have started this blog to share my expertise
in the field of medicine, health, personal care.
My first interaction with the internet was in 10thclass
when Orkut was popular, so I also created my account In Orkut with the name superboy.
Then came Facebook so started using facebook n Orkut become dead that time.
I started My journey as a content writer or
admin in the FB with Facebook page Name” Oye do pen Hai kya “
The main aim of That page was to share memes with the audience.
Page Was a huge success got 1lakh followers on that page in 6month, but
unfortunately, my id got blocked. and I lost access to that page.
I also started my youtube channel on food recipes theme,
it was good in terms of success, had one video with around a million views
, but again that channel got ban due to copyright issues.
I also worked in many hospitals as a covid warrior for free of cost.
To serve mankind in a pandemic.
Then I started my journey as a blogger on a tech health website,
got the inspiration for this blog from my mentor Dr.Jayant Nath Gupta,
He guides me in writing posts related to Health Nich.

What you will get in the tech health blog??

1.Product review on

  •             skincare products
  •              earing aids
  •              hair products
  •              products related to curing disease
  •                Amazone products

2.Health tips on

  •           diabetes
  •           low bp and high bp
  •            cholesterol
  •             hair loss
  •            rashes
  •            pimples
  •           dark head
  •          wrinkles
  •          neuropathy
  •          eyesight weakness
  •          fitness tips
3.lifestyle-related disease symptoms and causes like
  •  diabetes
  • herpes simplex
  • aging
  • hair whitening
  • hair loss
  • stress
  • arthritis
  • piles
  • myopia
with time we will update the list as we get the suggestion from the viewer .
Why I created a tech health blog website??
1 To share knowledge based on my clinical experience.
2.To make some contribution in the life of others.
3.spread awareness.
4.To make world diseases free.
So for any suggestion and help you can contact me at
Tech health blog dr rahul gupta