January 24, 2022

9 Latest Fixes : bluetooth Mouse Not Working in Windows 11 

Topic: 9 Latest Fixes : bluetooth Mouse Not Working in Windows 11 

Bluetooth mouse is so much easier and more convenient to use when compared to a wired mouse. With the hassles of wiring gone, we can easily maneuver across the desktop more comfortably.

Like any other hardware part, the Bluetooth mouse also develops some problems. Then it becomes frustrating because, without the mouse, it is almost impossible to operate or navigate the computer.

So, let us look at a few fixes which can resolve this Bluetooth mouse not working issue. If one fix does not work, don’t worry; move on to the next fix. I am sure one or the other is bound to work. 

9 Latest Fixes : bluetooth Mouse Not Working in Windows 11 

Primary Troubleshooting Procedures for 9 Latest Fixes : bluetooth Mouse Not Working in Windows 11 

Let’s attempt out a few of the common methods before shifting on to the bit more sophisticated customisations.

  • To begin, disconnect and reinsert your wireless or bluetooth mouse connector from your computer. It’s also suggested that you plug it into a USB 2.0 port.
  • Besides that, make sure the mouse battery isn’t fully depleted (you can test this by inserting a battery from some other gadget into mouse and seeing what happens).
  • If you’ve a cable or  USB mouse, however, you must disconnect & reconnect it to the USB 2.0 Port hole.

Test out these modifications and see if they help you solve the bluethooth or Usb mouse not functioning problem on  Windows 11 computer.

1. Reconnect your bluetooth Mouse  

When the mouse stops responding, the first option would always be to reconnect the device. Connect and reconnect the mouse, unplug and plug the dongle from the.

You can also reboot your computer and then connect the Bluetooth dongle. Check and see if the Bluetooth mouse is working now. If not, you could add the Bluetooth mouse from the control panel. Try the following steps. 

  • 1. Hold down the Windows + R together to open the Run box. 
  • 2. Type in the “control panel” box and hit the enter key. 
  • 3. Use the T.A.B. key to navigate in the control panel. 
  • 4. Select the category in the control panel. 
  • 5. Select Devices and Printers and hit the enter button. 
  • 6. Select “Add a device” and press enter. Windows 11 should start detecting the Bluetooth mouse. 
  • 7. Select the option “Bluetooth mouse” and hit the enter key. After that, keep following the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 
Click Here if you want to know how to turn on bluetooth on pc

2. Disable Bluetooth mouse power management. 

Sometimes windows 11 starts managing the power for Bluetooth devices, resulting in energy being dropped. The mouse does not work. To solve that problem, try to disable the Bluetooth mouse power management. 

  • 1. Hold down the Windows logo key + X to open the menu. Select device manager and hit enter. 
  • 2. With the tab key, select “Bluetooth .”Open the folder. 
  • 3. Select the Bluetooth option and tap on “Enter .
  • 4.”Navigate to the “power management” tab. Ensure that the option “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” is UNCHECKED.
  • 5.Now, tap on “OK” and save all the changes you made. 

3. Update the bluetooth Mouse Driver 

  • 1. Go to “Search,” type device manager, and open it. 
  • 2. Look for the Bluetooth mouse, then right-click on it; several options will open up; select “Update driver software.”
  • 3. If there are any updates, apply them. 
  • 4. Restart your pc and check if your issue with the Bluetooth mouse is resolved. 

4. Check if the Bluetooth service is running. 

  • 1. Hold down Windows key + R to open the Run command line. 
  • 2. In the RUN box, write in “services. msc” and hit enter. 
  • 3. Navigate to the option which says “Bluetooth Support Service.” 
  • 4. Check if the Bluetooth is set as “started.” 
  • 5. If it is not started, right-click and choose the “Start” option. 
  • 6. Restart the pc to check if the issue is resolved. 

5. Try to use the System Troubleshooter to fix bluetooth Mouse issue. 

  • 1. Click open “Settings.” 
  • 2. Tap on “Update & Security” 
  • 3. On the left, there will be an option that says “Troubleshoot .”Select it. 
  • 4. A button says, “Run the troubleshooter.” Click on it.
  • 5. Go by the instructions as given. 

6. Rollback drivers of Wireless Mouse  

  • 1. Open the device manager. 
  • 2. Search for the Bluetooth mouse
  • 3. Right-click on the Bluetooth driver and select “properties.” 
  • 4. Under the driver tab, you will have an option “Roll Back Driver.” 
  • 5. Keep following the instructions which will come on-screen. 
  • 6. Restart your computer and check if the Bluetooth mouse issue has been resolved. 

7. Try to optimize your Bluetooth signal of bluetooth Mouse

It could be that the issue is more of a technical aspect, and there is nothing wrong with the configuration, settings, or software. Then make sure that your Bluetooth signal is not being blocked by something. Try the following steps. 

  • Move your wireless mouse close to the wireless transceiver. 
  • If the keyboard is also wireless, place the keyboard and mouse at an equal distance from the transceiver. 
  • Restart the computer. 
  • Check whether your Bluetooth mouse is working or not. 

8. Lookout for new Windows Updates for bluetooth Mouse

Besides the regular system updates, Microsoft also delivers various drivers through its windows update. So, there could be a big chance that a new driver for your Bluetooth mouse is ready. Maybe you could not install it through Device Manager; you can do that through Windows Update. One more benefit of installing the latest Windows 11 updates is that it gives stability to the system. If there is a bug in your computer that has caused the Bluetooth mouse to cease working, it could be that Microsoft will release a fix for it as a part of its Updates.

Go to Settings, then tap on the “Windows update” tab and check for any recent updates. After updating your system, restart your P.C. and check to find out whether your Bluetooth mouse is working now. 

9. Try to restart the bluetooth Mouse

  • 1. Go to the Search box, type in “Control Panel,” and open the Control Panel. 2. In the Control Panel, navigate to “Hardware and Sound” after that, tap on “Bluetooth Devices.” 
  • 3. Now, choose your Bluetooth mouse, and select “Remove.” 
  • 4. Click Add, reset the device now, choose the option “My device is set up and ready to be found” check box, and then hit on “next.” 
  • 5. In case the device is not found, restart it again. Select the device and click on ” Next ” when the device is finally found, select it, and then click on “Next.” 
  • 6. Follow the installation procedure from the wizard. 
  • 7. Restart your P.C. and check if your issue is fixed and whether the Bluetooth mouse is working correctly now. 

Caution: Ensure that your device is turned on, the batteries are charged, and they don’t need to be replaced. Ensure the device is also turned on and correctly connected to the computer. See to it that the device is in a “discoverable” condition. Check if you have installed the device correctly using the suitable softwares. If not, uninstall and reinstall the device again. 

F.A.Q. of Wireless Mouse

Q1: How do I connect Bluetooth in Windows 11? 

Ans. Click on Windows key + I to open settings. 
Choose the “Bluetooth & Devices” menu on the left side of the computer screen.
First, verify that the Bluetooth toggle key is set to “on” when the window opens.
Click on the “Add Device” where the button is available for you 
The added device window will pop up. 
The Bluetooth device should be in pairing mode. 
A listed detected Bluetooth device is displayed. 
Your device will be there too. Select your device. 
The window will show the device is now paired with your Windows 11 computer. That is all. 

Q2. How do you reset Bluetooth Drivers Windows 11? 

Ans. Uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth driver. Then restart the system.

 Conclusion 9 Latest Fixes : bluetooth Mouse Not Working in Windows 11   

We have discussed the “Bluetooth not working on windows 11” in detail. We have listed quite a lot of fixes for you. Start from the beginning and keep on trying the different troubleshooting steps. We are sure one of these fixes will work, and your Bluetooth mouse will be up and running. Till we meet again with a new troubleshooting article, enjoy your Bluetooth mouse on Windows 11.

Concluded our topic 9 Latest Fixes : bluetooth Mouse Not Working in Windows 11 

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